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    Koh Young Future Forum 2022 Webinar Explains how Optical Inspection Drives EV Reliability


    Koh Young, the industry leader in True 3D measurement-based inspection solutions, is eager to explain how optical inspection positively drives Electronic Vehicle (EV) reliability upwards. We will present our first sessions on 08 September 2022 in Korean and English to support our global users. We will present additional webinars in Japanese and Chinese shortly thereafter. Our panel of experts will be available following the presentation to field questions about EV inspection solutions during a live panel session.

    During the presentation, we will explore relevant EV technologies and trends by incorporating specific real-world application challenges and solutions. Attendees will be presented with exclusive information about how several different Koh Young solutions will improve manufacturing yield and quality across
    several stages of the production process.

    Register now for the online seminar “Optical Inspection Drives EV Reliability” by clicking the “Register Now” link or visit our website www.kohyoung.com. During registration, you may submit specific questions for our panel of experts to address during the live Q&A session or attend to ask us directly.

    If you cannot attend Koh Young Future Forum 2022, you can still learn more about Koh Young and its award- winning solutions by visiting our website at www.kohyoung.com.