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    Kurtz Ersa helps India: Oxygen concentrator for India representative Bergen


    In response to the Covid-19 pandemic in India, Rainer Krauss, General Sales Manager for Kurtz Ersa sent Global SMT & Packaging this message:

    The Covid 19 situation in India is beyond imagination. Earlier this week, we called our long-time partner Bergen and asked how we can help. The answer was: please send us an oxygen concentrator so we can provide oxygen to our employees and their families – if needed. Immediately, Ersa activated all sales levers to obtain such a device. Today, just a few days after this contact, we are sending an oxygen concentrator by express shipment to New Delhi, where it will be able to provide relief to patients as early as this weekend.

    The six employees of the Kurtz Ersa India branch in Bangalore and the family members are healthy, in strict lockdown and working out of home. The good news is that the vaccination of the employees and their families will take place in the next few days, and Ersa GmbH will bear the costs. “To our partners in the worldwide Ersa network, we are happy to help. We are one big family and hope that the critical situation in India will ease soon,” says Ersa General Sales Manager Rainer Krauss.