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    MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions opens its new China Electronics Applications Center, with a grand celebration ceremony

    MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solutions - ribbon cutting ceremoney at grand opening of CEAC photo

    MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a leader in integrated technologies and materials for the electronics industry, celebrated the highly anticipated grand opening of its China Electronics Applications Center (CEAC) on June 2, 2023, in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The center’s state-of-the-art capabilities encompass a wide range of services, including the rapid development of prototypes, precise reliability testing, and the exploration of ground-breaking application techniques. Distinguished guests including customers, industry partners, and the press attended the event to witness a momentous milestone for MacDermid Alpha’s business in China.

    The official launch of the CEAC began with a spectacular lighting display and drum performance. The official opening was carried out by Tom Hunsinger, Steven Zhang, Dr. Maurizio Fenech, Jack Mook, Julien Joguet, and Gustavo Greca, senior executives representing MacDermid Alpha in various fields including semiconductor assembly solutions, power modules, inverters, industrial semiconductor assembly, and global power electronics business development.

    Tom Hunsinger, Vice President of Semiconductor Assembly, opened the event with an inspiring speech, emphasizing the purpose and significance of establishing the CEAC, beyond our 50 years presence in China. Steven Zhang, General Manager of Greater China Commercial, welcomed guests and spoke about power electronics packaging and analysis. Dr. Maurizio Fenech, R&D Applications Director of Semiconductor Assembly, provided a comprehensive introduction to its cutting-edge equipment, boasting 22 advanced processing and testing systems in a clean experimental environment. This enables MacDermid Alpha China to perform power electronic packaging processing and deliver precise analytical data, in addition to customer seminars, parts building, and product demonstrations.

    Following the ceremony, guests experienced a unique opportunity to participate in technical seminars and tours of the laboratory with its distinctive features first-hand under the guidance of Dr. Hu, CEAC’s Laboratory Manager. The event ended on a high note with a buffet and music, fostering networking opportunities among guests.

    Delighted with the success of the day, Tom Hunsinger comments, “Today has been a resounding success for MacDermid Alpha as we continue to expand our global presence. The newly opened CEAC represents MacDermid Alpha’s commitment to its customers, the Chinese market, and the relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to empowering customers with advanced solutions. MacDermid Alpha provides fast and expert transfer of knowledge, prototypes, reliability testing, and new application techniques in line with customers’ needs. The CEAC will benefit customers by expanding the range of assembly technologies while accelerating new product development efforts. CEAC will complement our 5 Power Electronics applications labs in USA, Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.”

    MacDermid Alpha has maintained a strong presence in China since the late 1970s with eight locations, including production sites, analytical labs, and applications centers. The CEAC will introduce transformative new innovations and technologies from the Argomax ®  range of sintering materials and the ATROX ® portfolio of sintered die attach materials. Major global automotive manufacturers rely on the superior performance and reliability of these unrivaled technologies to enhance the range, power, and reliability of electric vehicles.