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    MacDermid Alpha Presents Technical Paper at SMTA Penang Chapter

    MacDermid Alpha Presents Technical Paper at SMTA Penang Chapter (1)

    The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a world leader in the production of electronics soldering and bonding materials, will present the technical paper: “Edge Bonding as Viable Reinforcement For Solder Joints in High Reliability Applications” at the SMTA Penang Chapter Expo & Technical Forum 2022 taking place from September 21 – 22 in Penang, Malaysia.

    The paper will explore the feasibility of the edge bonding process to further strengthen assembled
    smBGA packages with high reliability solder joints. This ability can improve the thermal fatigue
    resistance of these assembled packages. Experimental data will be presented for validation of this
    reinforcement capability.

    MacDermid Alpha’s range of ALPHA HiTech Edgebond products are one component, heat curable
    epoxies, designed to be dispensed on the corners of the BGA. The cured Edgebond helps to
    strengthen the soldered assembled component so it can pass reliability tests such as Drop Shock,
    Impact Bend and Thermal Cycle (TCT).

    Jimmy Shu, Product Manager – Adhesives and Encapsulants, Circuit Board Assembly at MacDermid
    Alpha, will present the paper at 2:00pm on Wednesday, September 21 st in Eastin Hotel Penang.