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    MediaTek joins semiconductor titans in research consortium


    Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), a global semiconductor research consortium, has added MediaTek Inc. as its newest member. MediaTek joins eight of the top 10 semiconductor companies as members of the consortium.

    MediaTek has been making waves on the global stage in recent years, growing revenue by 35% in 2020 to secure its place among the top 10 largest semiconductor companies last quarter, as reported by IC Insights. The membership in the SRC Research Consortium is said to enable MediaTek to amplify their research portfolio through partnerships and programs that drive collaboration, innovation, and strategic investment.

    Consortium members accelerate their strategic research agendas through a network of creative resources in academia, plug into a pipeline of graduate students entering industry’s workforce. MediaTek is also actively participating in advanced research and innovation through the Task Force on American Innovation (TFAI) and through the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

    “We are thrilled to welcome MediaTek as our newest SRC member,” says Todd Younkin, President and CEO of Semiconductor Research Corporation in a press release. “They are the world leader in smartphone chipset sales, and are helping to usher in the next era of computing and communications with their Dimensity 5G chipset family. MediaTek’s participation in the consortium will expand the breadth and depth of SRC’s collaborative research programs, driving innovation and opportunity.”

    Researchers at MediaTek began working directly with SRC through the SRC Decadal Plan Committee. The recently released report from this committee, the Decadal Plan for Semiconductors outlines research priorities for semiconductor and information and communications technologies (ICT) over the next ten years.

    The SRC Research Consortium has grown rapidly with a roster of recent member additions that includes domestic and international industry giants AMD, Samsung, TSMC, and SK hynix. Semiconductor leaders such as Intel, Texas Instruments, IBM, Micron, NXP, and Qualcomm have been long-standing members.