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    Mekoprint invests in its mechanics division


    Following a period, very much affected by the pandemic, with large fluctuations in demand, Danish Mekoprint is experiencing strong growth across industries and product areas. To ensure capacity and increased competitiveness, the Mekoprint division Mechanics alone, is investing more than 7 MEUR in a building expansion and additional machine capabilities and capacity.

    The investments will be made in Denmark and Poland cover all product areas from milled metal solutions to sheet metal solutions and high-volume solutions produced from coil with advanced tool designs, the company discloses in a press release.

    “The investments are crucial to support our customers’ strong growth expectations and at the same time enable even more efficient production flows. This applies not least at the factory in Aalborg, Denmark, with all production technologies combined under one roof of 18,000 m2 next year, which offer very special process opportunities. This applies not least to solutions that have to go through many surface treatment processes from degreasing and grinding to powder coating, anodizing or Sur-Tec,”says Søren Holmboe, Division Director, Mekoprint Mechanics.

    The investments are an important part of the continued development of cost-effective regional production in Northern Europe with minimum resource usage and environmental impact from sourcing of raw material to delivery of a finished product at your end-customer.

    The milled solutions will be optimised with an upgrade of the “Fast Manufacuring System” (FMS) system and an additional 4-axis Makino milling machine to ensure continued fully automatic production around the clock.

    The sheet metal solutions are optimized with a fully digitized production flow with 5 new Amada bending machines across Denmark-Poland, a 4 kW Amada fiber laser and an Amada servo-electric punching machine. In Denmark, both the Amada fiber laser and the Amada punching machine will produce around the clock with fully automated sheet handling and process integration between the two machines when needed.

    The coil solutions are optimized with a building extension of 2,400 square metres which enables the independent product-specific production cells in a continuous flow from coil to assembled final products.