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    MKS Instruments introduces industry leading integrated approach to creating solutions for complex package substrate manufacturing requirements and roadmaps

    MKS 1
    Unveils significant investment in its Yokohama TechCenter (YTC) during the grand expansion ceremony.

    MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI) (“MKS”), a global provider of technologies that transform our world, today unveiled a significant investment in its Yokohama Technical Center (“YTC”) in Japan, which will enable an industry leading integrated approach to creating solutions for complex package substrate manufacturing, satisfying current requirements as well as those needed for future roadmaps.

    The YTC is an integral part of the most comprehensive portfolio of global TechCenters in the industry. These TechCenters combine unique analytical capabilities, state of the art full scale equipment, and highly proficient expert teams to conduct extensive research and development, providing world-class service to more than 8,000 customers around the globe. Working closely with customers and industry partners helps anticipate the industry’s future requirements, which in turn enables MKS to help customers stay ahead in a rapidly changing environment.

    The recent investment in the YTC delivers the latest capabilities for the production of next generation package substrates. Offering a unique combination, the YTC utilizes dedicated lasers, optics, and motion systems for high precision, high-speed via formation in ABF build-up laminates, in combination with the latest process chemistry and equipment for desmear and electroless copper metallization. Using the latest Equalized Curtain Flow (ECF) plating tool, the YTC is able to support customers in their yield optimization and next generation process development for advanced packaging applications.

    During the YTC Expansion Ceremony, Dr. John T.C. Lee, President and CEO of MKS Instruments, escorted visitors around the state-of-the-art facility showcasing the two new systems, the ESI GeodeTM A CO2 laser system and the Atotech G-Plate® plating tool, as well as demonstrating the Vitrocoat® process for Plating on Glass (PoG).

    • ESI GeodeTM A CO2 laser system for high precision and high-speed ABF build-up laminate processing
    • Atotech G-Plate® vertical desmear and electroless HVM plating tool for next generation high-end package substrates

    “We are highly committed to driving and leading technology development within our industries,” Dr. Lee said. “With these key installations, we are accelerating time to market through our combined capabilities, which allow us to view problems holistically and design solutions faster. This helps us to drive innovation for next generation electronic devices and offer customers and OEMs quicker development cycles for new products and materials enabling high-end SAP technology requiring <=5/5µm lines and spaces. Our unique portfolio of MKS combined services at our Yokohama technical center allows us to reduce the cycle time for a typical ABF sample from three months or more to less than one month.”

    MKS Instruments’ Optimize the InterconnectSM offering drives MKS’ focus on next-generation advanced PCB and package substrate development. The investment in the YTC will further solidify MKS as a leader in the next frontier for miniaturization and complexity by enabling increasingly smaller feature sizes and offering new solutions by combining ESI laser drilling technologies with Atotech chemistry and plating equipment.