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    Mouser Electronics Now Shipping Semtech HotSwitch Protection ICs

    PRINT_Semtech HS2240P & HS2950P HotSwitch Protection ICs

    Mouser Electronics , Inc., the New Product Introduction (NPI) leader™ empowering innovation, is now stocking the HotSwitch ® protection ICs from Semtech Corporation. The HotSwitch platform includes integrated load switches and eFuses with a first-of-a-kind elevated protection feature set optimized for protecting electronics systems against typical electrical transients and steady-state fault conditions.

    Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest-growing source of waste globally, with e-waste volumes growing to 53.6 million metric tons in 2019, an increase of 21% since 2014, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Semtech’s HotSwitch platform, which aids in safeguarding electric systems, provides elevated protection features that prolong the life span of electronic devices and potentially reduce e-waste.

    HotSwitch devices are specifically designed to detect electrical surges and provide robust security to the downstream subsystem by gracefully disconnecting the load from the power source. They offer an enhanced shield against inrush current, overvoltage, under voltage, reverse current, short circuit and over- temperature faults.

    The HS2950P HotSwitch is a single-channel integrated high-side load switch with a wide input voltage range of 2.7 V to 29 V, which supports up to 5 A output current. The HS2950P comes in a small 3 mm x 3 mm 12-pin DFN package. The device offers thermal shutdown functionality and faults flagging to ensure a rugged defense for downstream industrial, telecom and consumer systems subject to transients and short circuits risk.

    The HS2240P HotSwitch is an integrated eFuse and surge protection device designed to protect against various electrical overstress (EOS) conditions, including lightning, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and short circuits. The device works in an input voltage range of 2.7 V to 22 V, with a current limiting threshold of 3.9 A. The HS2240P is housed in a small 3.5 mm x 2 mm 14-pin DFN package.

    To learn more about the Semtech HotSwitch Protection ICs, visit

    https://www.mouser.com/new/semtech/semtech-hs2240p-hs2950p-hotswitch-ics/ . Semtech and HotSwitch are registered trademarks or service marks of Semtech Corporation or its affiliates.

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