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    Mouser Now Shipping ams OSRAM OSLON UV 6060 and OSLON Optimal Deep Blue and Horti White LEDs

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    Mouser Electronics, Inc. is an authorized distributor of products from ams OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions. Mouser offers the entire ams OSRAM product line, including the company’s latest innovations, such as the OSLON® UV 6060 for UV-C purification applications and the OSLON® Optimal horticulture LEDs.

    The OSLON UV 6060 LED, part of ams OSRAM’s UV-C treatment portfolio, is designed to support applications that require purification and sanitization of air, surfaces and water. The OSLON UV 6060 delivers 100 mW of radiant flux from a single die source at a peak wavelength of 265 nm. This robust LED system solution provides higher germicidal effectiveness and market-leading 5.7% wall-plug efficiency while offering greater flexibility, smaller size and instant-on functionality not seen with traditional lighting technologies. The OSLON UV 6060 can be installed directly at the point of use for space critical horticulturesensing or UV-C treatment-based applications.

    To learn more about the OSLON UV 6060 LEDs, visit https://www.mouser.com/new/ams-osram/ams-osram-oslon-uv-6060/.

    The new ams OSRAM OSLONOptimal LEDs are available in a flexible mix of color and white options, designed specifically to meet the varied requirements of horticultural lighting applications. Based on the latest ams OSRAM 1 mm × 1 mm chip, the OSLON Optimal LEDs offer an outstanding combination of high efficiency, reliable performance, long life and affordability. Both LEDs feature a new, larger spherical lens which produces a wide 120-degree viewing angle. This upgrade offers a more even light distribution over crops and avoids “hot spots” of concentrated light. The 450-nanometer OSLON Optimal Deep Blue LED features a radiant flux of 775 mW (typ.), with radiant efficiency rated at 75.8% (typ.). By contrast, the OSLON Optimal Horti White LED offers a radiant flux of 588 mW (typ.), with radiant efficiency rated at 57.5% (typ.).

    The OSLONOptimal Deep Blue and Horti White LEDs are offered in a compact 3 mm × 3 mm 3030 SMT ceramic package with a silicone lens. Both LEDs are ESD tested at 8 kV according to ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001 (HBM, Class 3B) and handle high drive currents and operating temperatures while maintaining excellent operating lifetimes with minimal drop in photon flux over time. Target applications include horticulture lightingarchitectural lighting, phototherapy and outdoor and industrial lighting.

    For more information on the OSLON Optimal Deep Blue and Horti White LEDs, visit https://www.mouser.com/new/ams-osram/ams-osram-oslon-optimal-blue-white/.

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