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    Mouser Now Stocking onsemi NCN26010 Ethernet Controller, Providing Reduced Wiring and Costs

    PRINT_onsemi NCN26010 Industrial Ethernet Transceiver

    Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components™, is now stocking the NCN26010 Industrial Ethernet Controller from onsemi. This new 10BASE-T1S Ethernet controller is designed to provide reliable multi-point communication in industrial settings.

    The onsemi NCN26010 is a 10Mb/s, IEEE 802.3cg compliant device including a media access controller (MAC), a PLCA reconciliation sublayer (RS), and a 10BASE-T1S PHY, designed for industrial multi-drop Ethernet networks . The device can enable more than 40 nodes on a single twisted pair, exceeding five times the amount of nodes requested by the IEEE 802.3cg standard, reducing installation cost and set-up complexity. This PHY + MAC controller for 10BASE-T1S can connect to controllers, sensors and other devices without the need for an external MAC.

    The NCN26010 reduces in-cabinet wiring up to 70% while significantly increasing bandwidth. In backplanes, it simplifies the layout and power distribution without impacting data rates or latencies. Many applications, such as elevators, will be able to increase data throughput over existing wiring with the new device and, due to the ability to carry power over data cables, complex sensor networks can be built upon simple and low-cost cable runs.

    The NCN26010 makes an ideal replacement for legacy point-to-point and multi-point industrial communication standards. The T1S MAC/PHY device can replace RS-485, CAN, RS-232, HART and others. As a result, greater data throughput is achieved over existing wiring, eliminating the need to re-pull wires which is often the greatest expense in a networking installation. The NCN26010 also features a proprietary enhanced noise immunity feature which is essential for installations in electrically noisy industrial environments.

    The NCN26010 controller is supported by the NCN26010XMNEVB 10BASE-T1S MACPHY evaluation board, the NCN26010BMNEVB Adapter Board, and the NCN26010XMNEVK 10BASE-T1S SPE evaluation kit, all available from Mouser.

    To learn more about the onsemi NCN26010 Industrial Ethernet Controller, visit
    https://www.mouser.com/new/onsemi/onsemi-ncn26010/ .

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