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    Murata acquires Eta Wireless Inc.


    Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has completed the acquisition of Eta Wireless Inc., developer of Digital Envelope Tracking Technology that can reduce the power consumption of RF circuits involved in wireless communications.

    Norio Nakajima, president of Murata Manufacturing, stated the following regarding this latest acquisition: “Advances in the realms of communications and electronic components have made mobile devices around the globe more powerful and more sophisticated. To extend the operating time of mobile devices when they have limited battery capacity, it is essential not only to increase the capacity of the battery, but also to strive for low energy consumption in the electronic components. We are very pleased to be able to combine the technologies of Eta Wireless with our own, to provide even better products to our customers.”

    As the performance of mobile devices has continuously improved in recent years due to greater capability and functionality of integrated circuits (IC’s), it has become increasingly important to tackle the challenge of reducing power consumption in such devices. The problem is that for broadband signals like 5G and the next-generation 6G, there is a limit to the improvements that can be made through the hardware manufacturing and analog methods that companies have typically relied on to reduce power consumption in the electronic components. To achieve even better results in low energy consumption, it is essential to adopt an approach that combines signal processing techniques with digital power management technology to efficiently control RF circuits.

    This is where Eta Wireless comes in. The company’s Digital Envelope Tracking technology, which was realised through a proprietary power management integrated circuit and DPD algorithm, optimises the voltage within the RF circuit, thereby reducing the power consumption. Designed specifically for this purpose, the PMC digitises and optimises the voltage required by the RF circuit, supports broadband signals such as 5G, and helps to curb excessive power consumption. Additionally, the DPD algorithm achieves further reduction in power consumption through a unique algorithm that minimises distortion and noise in the RF circuit.

    CEO and founder of Eta Wireless, Mattias Astrom, adds: “We are thrilled to become part of Murata and jointly solve the key power and thermal challenges for 5G. Murata’s leadership in RF front ends made them the perfect partner when we first started to work together a number of years ago. The collaboration has been excellent, and we can now make an even greater impact in the RF front-end market as one team. We are excited to enable the full potential of 5G and extend battery life for the next generation mobile devices.

    Source: evertiq.com