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    NCAB acquires sas-electronics in Germany


    The PCB supplier announces that it has acquired 100% of the shares in sas-electronics GmbH based in Rohrbach north of Munich in Germany.

    The German family business had net sales of about SEK 30 million (EUR 2.96 million) in 2020 and serves customers in Germany and Austria. The company is serving customers in the HMLV (High Mix Low Volume) segment, mainly in industrial and medical sectors and had an EBITA of SEK 4 million (about EUR 400’000) in 2020, a press release reads.

    The company has 11 employees, 10 located in Germany and 1 in Taiwan. The acquisition is expected to be accretive to earnings per share in NCAB Group in the current year. NCAB says it expects synergies in the areas of suppliers, payment terms and factory management.

    “Sas-electronics is a small but well managed trader of high quality PCB:s and complements our German business very well. Germany is a large industrial country where we see potential through new skilled employees to grow and add new customers. It is an important component of NCAB’s strategy to actively participate in the consolidation of the market. Sas-electronics will be integrated with NCAB Germany,” says Anders Forsén, CFO of NCAB, in the press release.