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    New Products Southeast Asia – December 2017

    ■ EUTECT GmbH soldering systems.
    ■ EUTECT GmbH soldering systems.

    Miniaturization thanks to controlled laser soldering 

    Packing densities increase on ever smaller electronic assemblies due to technical requirements and possibilities. Accordingly, the requirements imposed on soldering these components become all the more stringent because, for instance, sensitive components have to be protected from great heat effects. Pinpoint-accurate, fast, and definable soldering is necessary. Therefore, EUTECT GmbH has been using diode lasers for its customized soldering systems for years. For Matthias Fehrenbach, Managing Director of EUTECT GmbH, the advantages of laser soldering are clear: “Direct mechanical contact to the soldering point is eliminated during laser soldering, in contrast to other selective soldering methods. That means we can’t use other selective soldering methods particularly in confined spaces on the circuit board. Only laser soldering is possible there.” Here, special attention is paid to the laser source. Laser sources are subdivided into various categories; gas, solid, and semiconductor lasers are differentiated. The laser-active medium is important in this connection, since it determines the wavelength as well as the radiation quality. Radiation quality is decisive for the laser’s energy density and ability to focus. Medium or low energy densities are needed during laser soldering. In this connection, the solder joints must be efficiently and homogeneously heated without scorching the material.


    ■ DELO DUALBOND SJ2718 combines high
    strength and temperature resistance with a
    simple production process.

    Dual-Curing structural adhesive simplifies production process 

    DELO has announced the launch of a dual-curing adhesive for structural bonds. The dual-curing structural adhesive is used in electric motors, among other applications[/caption] Designed for use where adhesive bonds are exposed to large mechanical stress and increased temperatures, this new, two-stage light-curing and heat-curing adhesive is faster and easier to use as compared to traditional epoxy resins that generally need additional equipment to hold components in position on production lines and in curing ovens. DELO DUALBOND SJ2718 can be prefixed in one to five seconds, depending on the intensity of the UV light, eliminating the need for a holding device that must be assembled, disassembled and cleaned after curing. It reaches full strength within 20 minutes of subsequent heat curing at +130°C. Full strength can also be achieved with extended curing time at +90°C or within just a few minutes using induction heating. With a strength on aluminum of 60 MPa and on high-performance plastic PA6 of 30 MPa, its performance is comparable to purely heat-curing structural adhesives. 60 MPa correspond to a force of 1.2 tons on the surface of a one Euro cent coin.


    COT announces new Knurled Hex Keys from PB Swiss Tools

    Count On Tools, Inc. announced that PB Swiss Tools now offers Knurled Hex Keys as a standard option in their product catalog. The knurling at the shaft increases the non-slip property in wet or oily environments, thereby increasing the safety. The round shaft, manufactured from PB Tools’ unique steel alloy guarantees higher reverse fatigue strength. The new knurled hex keys from PB Swiss Tools is available in sizes 1.5mm –10mm as individual hex key l-wrenches or as a set in a handy plastic holder. All PB Swiss Tools Knurled hex keys are made from the company’s signature spring steel alloy with precision heat treatment. This alloy is known for its high hardness, long durability, perfect dimensional accuracy, and exceptional elasticity and tenacity.


    KIC releases new smart technology for real-time insight 

    KIC announced the release of its new Vantage network software system. The new software provides a real-time dash-board for thermal processes, accessible anywhere, from any authorized PC or mobile device. The process data is automatically stored in a central location where the engineer can quickly retrieve and share all relevant data. The Vantage delivers value to users, not through massive amounts of raw data, but through convenient access to only relevant and/ or actionable data. For example, with a few mouse clicks, the user can access traceability data for every assembled PCB within a certain time frame, oven, shift, client name, or all of the above. KIC’s President Bjorn Dahle states: “The smart factory is about using data to run the factory more effectively. A few years ago people were asking us to provide them with real-time data accessible from anywhere. Now they are saying: ‘Help, I am drowning in information!’ The key is using data analytics to deliver insight and actionable data.