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    New Quadra 5 x-ray inspection unit at OSI Electronics UK

    EMS-provider OSI Electronics UK, a subsidiary of Californian based OSI Electronics, has installed a new Nordson Dage Quadra 5 x-ray system inspection unit at its St Neots factory.
    The new Quadra, in addition to an older Dage unit, allows the company to inspect obscured areas inside PCBs and components non-destructively. ‘Its high performance x-ray tube and detector can magnify objects up to 45,000 times, enabling us to spot faults on components and connections as tiny as 0.35 μm’, a short press announcement states.

    “Given the complexity and number of components on many PCBs, ensuring they are secured and connected properly is vital,” says Marco Di Mambro, Test and Engineering Manager at OSI Electronics UK. “X-ray inspection allows us to check for solder shorts, open connections, paste residue, voiding, cracking, solder reflow and the many other facets involved with making boards which will work as intended time after time.”

    “This latest purchase is part of our on-going investment programme in plant, people and factory space,” adds Derek Williams, the Head of Operations at OSI Electronics UK. “It’s a testament to our ethos of constant investment in our business to provide quality products from PCB assembly to complete product build.”