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    Newly developed tubular solder

    Significant improvements in smoke and residue behaviour

    The companies Feinhütte Halsbrücke GmbH and Emil Otto GmbH have launched new, flux-filled high-
    performance solder wires. The basis are two soft solder alloys filled with the newly developed flux
    compound EO-FC-006. This was specially developed by Emil Otto for processing in solder wires in order
    to optimise the soldering behaviour as well as smoke and residue behaviour. Both wires were tested on
    the equipment of Eutect GmbH, which is part of the cooperation.
    The solder wire AOX755 is a soft solder developed for the electronics sector, which consists of tin,
    copper, nickel and germanium. This micro-alloyed solder significantly reduces copper leaching and also
    has an oxidation-inhibiting effect. The second alloy Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 is a standard soft solder consisting
    of tin, silver and copper. In the technical field, this soft solder is known as SAC305 and is one of the
    most common solders in the field of component production and cable assembly.
    Both solder wires are provided with three cores of the specially produced flux EO-FC-006. The
    halogenide-free high-performance filler was specially developed as a flux filling for the production of
    lead-free soft solders. “The filling compound is based on a special synthetic resin in combination with a
    currently unique synthetic activation complex and thus meets even the highest qualitative production
    requirements to the highest degree. The activation effect of the filling compound is more than equal to
    the previous halogenide-containing filling compounds,” explains Markus Geßner, Marketing and Sales
    Manager at Emil Otto GmbH.
    The tests in Eutect’s technical centre were carried out on the laser soldering test facility there. “The
    interplay of chemical expertise regarding the composition of fluxes on the part of Emil Otto, the
    metallurgical know-how of Feinhütte Halsbrücke on the subject of solder alloys as well as our process
    knowledge with regard to selective soldering represent exactly the added value that our customers can
    expect from this cooperation,” says Managing Director Matthias Fehrenbach, describing the cooperation
    in the development of these new solder wire products. The wires now being presented are not customer-
    specific development projects, but rather the solution to an existing problem in assembly production.
    “However, customer-specific solutions can be developed just as well in our cooperation,” Geßner affirms.
    Security of supply plays an important role for all three companies. “For us as a consumer goods
    manufacturer, as well as for Emil Otto, it is crucial to guarantee this security of supply for our
    customers. For example, we use secondary material for the manufacture of our products, which we
    purchase in Germany. This makes us independent of supply chains from abroad and also makes an
    important ecological, sustainable contribution,” explains Tobias Patzig, Managing Director of Halsbrücke
    Feinhütte GmbH.

    Interested visitors to SMTconnect will find the companies Emil Otto GmbH, Eutect GmbH and Feinhütte
    Halsbrücke GmbH in Hall 4 at Booth 335.