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    Nihon Superior and FCT Solder Extend Partnership with SN100CV License Agreement

    Nihon Superior FCT Solder SN100CV License 23 (1)

    Nihon Superior Co. Ltd., an advanced joining material supplier and FCT Solder, a US based solder and chemical manufacturer, are delighted to announce the renewal of their longstanding partnership. In a testament to their shared success, Nihon Superior has granted FCT Solder a license for its innovative SN100CV solder alloy, reaffirming their commitment to collaboration. With this renewed partnership, FCT Solder has earned the distinction of being the first and exclusive licensee of Nihon Superior’s SN100CV alloy in North America.

    Tetsuro Nishimura, President of Nihon Superior, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “We are pleased to continue our enduring partnership with FCT Solder by granting them a license for our SN100CV solder alloy.”

    What sets SN100CV apart from silver-containing alloys is its remarkable strength, derived from solute atoms within the tin matrix of the joint. This innovative alloy, being free of silver, offers a cost-effective solution while outperforming SAC305 in terms of reliability. Notably, the effectiveness of bismuth as a solid solution strengthener remains consistent over time. The alloy’s resistance to creep deformation after 1000 hours is on par with its performance immediately after reflow. While SN100CV’s bismuth content brings its melting characteristics in line with those of SAC305, it maintains a balance that prevents the limit of solid solubility from being exceeded within the typical temperature range experienced by electronic assemblies. Consequently, the presence of a brittle bismuth phase in the microstructure does not compromise performance under high strain rate loading conditions.

    Tyler Campos, GM FCT Solder summed up their relationship and signing of the agreement, stating, “Twenty years is an impressive milestone. Nihon Superior has been a fantastic partner for two decades. We’ve developed a relationship that helps both companies grow and innovate, and I know that together we’ll be able to push the limits of soldering technology.”

    Nihon Superior continues to offer solutions to the challenges facing the electronics industry, such as improvements in reliability, thermally stable joining, and lead-free die attach. For more information about Nihon Superior’s new alloys, solder pastes and lead-free products, please visit us at https://en.nihonsuperior.co.jp.