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    Nippon Chemical eyes international growth through speciality chemicals

    Hirota Tanahashi, president
    Hirota Tanahashi, president

    Nippon Chemical aims to expand its international reach and welcomes partnerships with other chemical companies and universities

    Nippon Chemical Industrial has spent 124 years honing its expertise in perfecting chemical formulations. Founded in 1893, the company has been at the forefront of pushing innovations of chemicals applications in the fields of electronics, energy, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and more.

    “Our research and development initiatives focus on expanding the potential of our products to protect health and life, discover breakthroughs for energy management, and improve comfort,” says president Hirota Tanahashi.

    Nippon Chemical specialises in inorganic chemicals such as chromium and inorganic phosphorus compounds, silicates and silica. The company has also built an impressive know-how in speciality chemicals such as electronic ceramic materials, circuit materials, battery materials and pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates.

    With its extensive experience, Nippon Chemical has pioneered many developments in the chemical industry, one of which is advanced electroless plating.

    With this process, Nippon Chemical was able to provide the hybrid electroconductive powders coated with high-quality metals for use in circuit materials.

    Nippon Chemical has also formulated high-performance dielectric powders based on barium titanate for use in multilayer ceramic capacitors.

    “We are ready to work closely with [customers] to provide them cutting-edge solutions for their requirements”

    Furthermore, Nippon Chemical has contributed to the development of the semiconductor industry in Japan when it pioneered the production of high-purity phosphine gas as a dopant for silicon semiconductor manufacturing.

    Continuing on its innovative path, Nippon Chemical also recently created synthesising technology of composite oxides to produce metal phosphate powders having negative thermal expansion coefficient.

    Serving many industries in its home market, Nippon Chemical aims to expand its international reach and increase its global sales by up to 20 per cent.

    The company’s subsidiaries in New York, Shanghai and Bangkok will play a greater role in increasing the global brand awareness for Nippon Chemical. The office in Bangkok, which was inaugurated in August last year, was established to expand its business in Southeast Asia.

    Nippon Chemical sees potential demand especially in the automotive market and infrastructure development, and expects to provide inorganic chemicals to the region.

    Nippon Chemical also offers custom manufacturing services for diverse organic synthesis to produce high-quality organic chemical products. It expects the boost to come from its speciality chemicals segment as more companies require the niche expertise of Nippon Chemical.

    It welcomes partnerships with other chemical companies and universities that can help the company develop breakthroughs in these segments.

    “We are committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers and we are ready to work closely with them to provide them cutting-edge solutions for their requirements,” Tanahashi says.