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    Nordson ASYMTEK Takes Piezo-Driven Jet Dispensing Technology to a New Level


    Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company, introduces the Spectrum II Premier with the IntelliJet jetting system for dispensing small dot sizes at high frequencies without compromising the precision, high yield, and long-term reliability needed for advanced packaging applications. The IntelliJet system incorporates ASYMTEK’s patent-pending 2-piece ReadiSet™ jet cartridge for fast and simple cleaning and maintenance. Taking advantage of piezo-driven jet dispensing technology, the system jets a wide range of fluids in dot sizes from one to hundreds of nanoliters. The Spectrum II Premier system’s closed-loop process controls integrate enhanced features for IntelliJet setup, calibration, and control to ensure consistent dispensing performance, reliability, and durability far above other piezo-driven jets on the market today.

    “Advanced package designs requiring small dots in tight spaces and their high cost demand an extraordinary degree of dispense-volume accuracy to ensure high production yield. To maintain productivity goals with these small dot sizes and target fluid flow rates, a high jetting frequency is needed,” said Garrett Wong, product manager for Nordson ASYMTEK. “Piezo technology is excellent for producing small dots, but its use for high-volume production has been complicated by the short life of the consumable parts and less than ideal consistency across multiple installations. The Spectrum II Premier and IntelliJet system further advance piezo-jetting technology with long-term reliability two to four times longer than any other piezo-driven jet and combines that with automatic calibration features that produce a consistent jetting process across large-scale production lines.”

    The Spectrum II Premier system is built on the award-winning Spectrum II fluid dispensing platform and leverages ASYMTEK’s 30+ years of experience as the global leader in designing and manufacturing precision fluid dispensing equipment for high-volume production environments.

    The IntelliJet system’s self-calibration features and the platform’s patented closed-loop process controls ensure that dispense results remain consistent despite variances in consumable hardware, setup, and wear. Users can reliably transfer their dispense processes across multiple Spectrum II Premier platforms and achieve identical performance in fluid break-off, eliminating satellites and accumulation. The ReadiSet jet cartridge maximizes up-time because only the wetted fluid path parts are changed, allowing the jet actuator to remain on the platform. Individual components of the ReadiSet cartridges are easily exchanged, minimizing cost-of-ownership.

    “The Spectrum II Premier and IntelliJet system are truly a leap forward in jet dispensing technology,” said Wong. “With ASYMTEK’s focus on total system solutions, the Spectrum II Premier unites industry-leading wet dispense accuracy with feature-rich software and leading-edge vision and jet hardware to take fluid dispensing to a whole new level.”