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    Parent company of Anda Technology USA, Inc. celebrates a successful listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange

    Mr. Liu Giving Speech

    The listing ceremony of Guangdong Anda Automation Solutions Co. Ltd. was held
    at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. All levels of government
    representatives in Dongguan, representatives of the company’s actual controllers and
    shareholders, intermediaries, listing associations, partners, company management team and
    special guests attended the ceremony.
    During the listing ceremony, speeches were given by Mr. Liu Fei, the majority stockholder
    and chairman of Anda Automation and the investment bank of China International Capital
    Corporation Limited Mr. Pan Zhibing, Managing Director of the Banking Department and
    Executive Head of the Shenzhen Headquarters of the Investment Bank, and Mr. Zhong
    Zhengliang, Director of the Dongguan Financial Bureau.

    In his speech, Mr. Liu Fei, Chairman of Anda Automation, expressed his heartfelt thanks to
    the leaders at all levels, investors and all sectors of society who have always believed in and
    supported Anda Automation. He also thanked the Shanghai Stock Exchange for providing
    Anda with good financing and acceptance onto their trading platform. Mr. Liu introduced core
    products, competitive advantages and leading customers of Anda to those in attendance.
    Lastly, he said that in the future, Anda Automation will continue to focus on its fundamental
    technology layout, with the mission of bringing next level intelligence to the manufacturing
    industry, and supporting China’s electronic manufacturing in order to keep up with the ever-
    increasing challenges of global economic development.
    Since the initial filing of the prospectus in June 2021, Anda Automation has successfully
    landed on the stock market capital exchange in less than a year. Behind the smooth and
    efficient listing process comes the recognition of the strength and value of Anda Automation
    by the Science and Technology Innovation Board. With this successful listing, Anda
    Automation has become the first intelligent equipment company listed on the Science and
    Technology Innovation Board in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, and the first A-share
    listed company specializing in the research and development and production of fluid control

    As an automation equipment manufacturer, Anda Automation is mainly engaged in the
    research and development, production and sales of intelligent manufacturing equipment
    such as automated fluid dispensing, conformal coating, plasma treatment, UV & IR curing
    ovens, and electronics assembly equipment. Anda’s products are widely used in the
    intelligent manufacturing of electronic products across multiple fields such as
    semiconductors, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, new energy and smart home.
    Intelligent manufacturing is key to the realization of generation 4.0 industrial automation and
    efficient production in the electronics manufacturing industry. Anda Automation is also
    recognized in China as a state-level technologically advanced ‘little giant’ enterprise.
    With the completion of the listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board, Anda
    Automation will receive access to new financial support and capital resources to refine and
    deepen its core technologies and products. The demand for more powerful microchips and

    super computers is continually increasing. Anda Technologies USA, Inc. will primarily focus
    on new technology development for improving manufacturing automation, working closely
    with manufacturers to keep up with industry advancements and to help accelerate the
    delivery of these new technologies to the masses. Anda will continue to provide new ideas
    for taking the intelligent manufacturing industry to the next level.