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    PCB maker Apex scores record revenues in 2020


    Taiwan’s PCB maker Apex International, with main manufacturing operations in Thailand, has reported its 2020 revenues rose 13.92% on year to a record high of NT$11.833 billion (US$422.61 million), and expects to gain further growth momentum from new orders and multiple applications in 2021.

    The company attributes its impressive 2020 business results to stable shipments to major clients despite the pandemic and increasing orders shifted by clients from peer suppliers in China amid lingering US-China trade rows.

    Apex, already a main supplier of TV control boards for Samsung Electronics, will start volume shipments of miniLED TV backlit boards this year as the Korean vendor has set up production lines for such TVs in Vietnam.

    Apart from TV applications, the company also expects to sustain strong shipments for other household electric appliances, routers, set-up boxes (STB), notebooks and other devices amid the lingering pandemic in 2021.

    Apex will also benefit significantly from rebounding global car sales in 2021, given that it is now the largest PCB maker in Thailand and the Southeast Asian country is an important manufacturing hub for automotive components.

    Its shipments of high-end memory module boards are also gaining momentum in 2021.

    Jay Liu, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES