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    Peters stabilises sales in Far East


    Peters strengthens the emerging region of South East Asia: Melvin Sagala has now signed an employment contract as a representative of the conformal coatings manufacturer. “Here’s to a good working relationship,” said CEO Ralf Schwartz during the filipino’s visit to the Lower Rhine headquarters. There, the manager got to know the extended “International ELPEGUARD® Sales & Service Team” with Dirk Kall, Michael Kollasa, Stefan Schröder and Markus Wieler. The 49-year-old is “ELPEGUARD® Product Manager SEA” for the Peters Group.

    The branch office in the city state are traditionally strong in China and other Asian countries. Our next step is to bring forward the markets in South East Asia and serve them well in the long term,” explains Ralf Schwartz. Since 2015 at the latest, Peters has begun to tighten the strategic reins in Asia and to form a “Sales & Service” team for the largest continent for the operational business itself. In Melvin Sagala, Peters has now secured a specialist of stature who, having vast experience in the service and sale of selective coating systems for conformal coatings throughout Asia, is ideally suited to build bridges between Europe and Asia. Peters has maintained business relations with the Far East since the end of the 1970s. Under company founder Werner Peters who laid the foundations for the company by taking over the Niederrheinische Lack fabrik in 1970, the world’s first non- bleeding solder resist featuring optimum print properties for hot air leveling applications was also used in large volumes in the then tiger economies of South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    At that time, Peters was still represented in Asia by regional exclusive distributors for circuit printing inks. In 2012, Lackwerke Peters GmbH & Co. KG – at that time with Tim Schwartz on site – established its own Representative Office for Marketing and Global OEM Management in Shanghai. Another milestone was set two years later: By incorporating Peters Asia Pacific Ltd. in Hong Kong, the Asian connection was stabilized. There are now branch offices in China, Taiwan and Singapore/Malaysia.

    Today, Peters is represented with its top brands ELPEGUARD®, ELPEPCB®; ELPECAST® and ELPESPEC® with strong partners throughout Asia, including India and Korea. This presence plays a key role in ensuring that customers there are supplied with Peters products without any problems and that reliable service is also guaranteed. “Our heart still beats in Kempen, on the Lower Rhine, in Germany, in Europe. But among the worldwide sales locations, the Far East business certainly plays an overriding role alongside the resurgent North American market. We now have an even better standing there thanks to Melvin Sagala, and are looking forward to cooperating with him,”emphasizes Ralf Schwartz.