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    Polymatech Electronics inks major deal with Orbray Japan

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    Source: Manufacturing Today India

    Polymatech Electronics, India’s premier opto-semiconductor chips manufacturer, has inked an MoU with Japanese firm Orbray Co Ltd, marking a significant stride towards its goal of becoming a fully integrated semiconductor company. According to the agreement, Orbray will provide Sapphire Ingot growing technologies, with installation expected by March 2025.

    The deal entails the company receiving training for its engineers at Orbray’s Japanese facility. Polymatech anticipates this move to enhance its wafer fabrication capabilities, primarily for internal use. Surplus capacity will cater to companies venturing into the Indian market for packaging and other semiconductor needs.

    Eswara Rao Nandam, MD and CEO of Polymatech Electronics, hailed the partnership as a historic milestone, aligning with the company’s vision. Orbray, an 85-year-old Japanese precision component manufacturer, is renowned for its optical fibre components and Sapphire wafers.

    Polymatech Electronics, the sole Indian company producing opto-semiconductor chips since 2019, plans to expand its production capacity and diversify into multi-wafer production. The company is eyeing government subsidies and is in advanced talks with silicon carbide and silicon wafer fabrication machinery suppliers.

    Based in Chennai, the company specialises in semiconductor chip design, manufacturing, packaging, and assembly for various applications, from medical to consumer electronics.