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    Powerchip chooses northern Japan for new fab


    As previously reported by Evertiq, Taiwanese wafer foundry service provider Powerchip Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (PSMC) has been looking at five different sites in Japan for a proposed USD 5.4 billion facility, and now the company has found its location.

    Back in July, Evertiq reported that Powerchip was looking to set up a new JV (JSMC), together with Japanese financial firm SBI Holdings to attract government subsidies to build the new manufacturing plant

    Today, Powerchip, SBI Holdings, Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture and JSMC have now signed a Memorandum of Understanding, confirming that JSMC’s first fab will be selected in Japan. The planned fab will be located in the Second Northern Sendai Central Industrial Park, Miyagi Prefecture.

    PSMC and SBI jointly established JSMC Co., Ltd. earlier in August this year and began preparations for setting up a wafer fab in Japan. Following discussions with the municipal government of the candidate locations and multiple on-site inspections, a number of factors were taken into consideration, including the robustness of infrastructure such as water supply, drainage, high-voltage power supply, and logistics capabilities, as well as the park’s ability to withstand natural disasters, and surrounding life.

    PSMC says in a press release that SBI is committed to working closely with the Japanese government, Miyagi Prefecture, partners and relevant financial institutions to discuss various details of investment in Japan.