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    PVA Receives Patent for New Optical Bonding Method

    PVA New Optical Bonding Patent 22

    PVA, a global supplier of automated dispensing and coating equipment, is pleased to announce that it received a new patent in Japan for “optical bonding machine having cure in place and visual feedback.”

    The new patent is based upon a machine and method designed specifically for applying a UV cure
    liquid optically clear adhesive used for bonding cover glass and/or sensors to touchscreens used most
    commonly in automotive, aerospace, military and medical applications. Key features covered by the patent are related to machine design and methods used.

    This method integrates UV curing into the machine to bond the assembly without having to transfer to another station and risk causing defects. It uses a clear datum to hold the base substrate and a robotic placement head to perform the assembly.

    Additionally, this method includes video display of the dispensing and assembly process.
    Video/image inspection of the bonded assembly
    shows defects such as bubbles, voids, dust,
    foreign particles, scratches, etc.