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    Quantic Electronics acquires Paktron Capacitors


    Quantic Electronics announced the acquisition of Paktron Capacitors, a manufacturer of multilayer polymer film capacitors.

    “The addition of Paktron’s product portfolio to our existing capacitor offerings enables us to deliver a full lineup of capacitor products that address our customers’ difficult design challenges,” said Kevin Perhamus, President and CEO of Quantic Electronics. “Paktron has established a world-class manufacturing facility and an outstanding management team in Lynchburg, and I am excited to work with them to help them achieve our growth objectives.”

    Terry Martin, General Manager of Paktron stated, “Paktron has been a technological leader in the manufacturing of multilayer polymer film capacitors for over 60 years, and I would like to thank all the employees who have contributed to our years of success. Partnering with Quantic provides a unique opportunity to enable Paktron to achieve the next stage of growth, and I look forward to working with the entire portfolio of Quantic companies.”

    Source: evertiq.com