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    Rehm exhibits at NEPCON in Shenzhen


    Rehm will present the following systems at the trade fair:

    VisionXP+ Vac – The two-in-one solution for reflow convection soldering

    The VisionXP+ convection soldering system brings together numerous further developments, primarily with a view to optimising energy efficiency and reducing emissions. The system enables customers to make an energy saving of up to 20 % in electronics production and generate an average of 10 tonnes less CO2 a year. The vacuum option makes convection soldering processes possible with or without a vacuum for the first time ever – in a single system! The VisionXP+ Vac reliably removes gas inclusions and voids during the convection soldering process while the solder is still in an ideally molten state. With a negative pressure of up to 2 mbar, void rates of below 2 % are possible.

    CondensoXM – Condensation soldering with or without a vacuum

    02_CondensoXMIn reflow condensation soldering with the CondensoXM, the soldering process is carried out with the aid of a hot vapour and the heat transfer medium Galden®. As heat transfer in condensation soldering is as much as ten times higher than in convection soldering, large or high-mass boards can be processed without any problems. The use of the injection principle and the control of temperature and pressure ensure precise and varied reflow profiling. The system is based on a sophisticated design, particularly with respect to the hermetically sealed process chamber. Since the boards are not moved during the process, vacuum profiling and temperature profiling are optimally combined in a single system. The CondensoXM is equipped with an extended conveyor axis and can thus be flexibly integrated into the existing workflow.

    Visit Rehm Thermal Systems at NEPCON China 2016 in Shenzhen at booth 1N60!