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    Roartis expands technology portfolio with silicone based adhesives and casting resins


    Since many years, Roartis has been developing specialty epoxy based adhesives for electronic and industrial applications, where typically, extreme harsh environment resistance is required.

    The product portfolio includes electrically conductive adhesives, thermally conductive materials, encapsulation resins (underfill, glob top, dam & fill, casting), as well as structural adhesives.

    Where epoxy based chemistry has proven a long history to respond to harsh environment applications, the inherent hard properties of epoxy chemistry limits their use in certain applications where flexibility is required.

    Despite the fact Roartis offers a range of flexibilized epoxy based materials, which combine high adhesion, with flexibility, it appears certain applications require even more flexibility, bendability, dielectric properties and sometimes also higher temperature resistance.

    To respond to this market demand, Roartis has expanded their portfolio with in-house developed and produced silicone based adhesives and casting resins.

    The silicone portfolio currently includes:

    • Glob top /  Dam & Fill encapsulants
    • Optically clear, silicone casting resins
    • Thermally conductive adhesives
    • Thermally conductive silicone based greases

    Further work is done on electrically conductive silicone based adhesives, gapfillers, liquid molding solutions, etc.