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    RS Components opens electronic centre in Bengaluru

    RS Components opens electronic centre in Bengaluru

    RS Components, the world’s largest distributor of electronics and maintenance products, has opened an Electronic Centre in Bengaluru.

    The company plans to invest close to $15 million over the next two to five years in the centre.

    ​T​he new 2000 sq ft office has been set up to support electronic design engineers and manufacturers in the region. The compay also plans to set up a warehouse, which will enable RS Components​ ​to undertake “next day delivery” for its customers.​

    The Bangalore Centre will have technical, marketing and support teams, and a specialised sales force that will focus on specific industry verticals including IoT, Medical Electronics, Aeronautics, Automotive and R&D sector.​ RS Components is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

    Keith Rice, Head of Emerging Markets, RS Components Worldwide, in a statement said RS envisages India as one of the most promising and high potential markets. The pace at which the RS’ India story is accelerating will soon turn out to be a significant advantage for them on a global landscape.

    Bhambri, CEO, R S Components India, said​ the centre was set up in Bengaluru as most global industries and PSUs in strategic electronics have manufacturing facilities and R&D centres in Karnataka. Therefore it was important for RS Components in India to further expand it’s electronics focussed set-up in Bengaluru.”

    ​The team at the office will also be actively involved in building the design engineering community through DesignSpark.com. DesignSpark provides its community of over 5 lakh engineers free access to design tools such as DesignSparkPCB, DesignSparkMechanical and DesignSparkElectrical.​