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    RS to manufacture Raspberry Pi in Japan


    RS Components says the Raspberry Pi 3 will also be manufactured in Japan under a local contract manufacturing arrangement. The move is intended to meet increasing demand for the platform from customers in the Asia Pacific region.

    “Existing models of the Raspberry Pi will continue to be manufactured in South Wales, with the dual manufacturing locations in place to cater for future demand growth globally,” commented Rob Maycroft, RS’ global product manager for Raspberry Pi. “Asia Pacific is a significant growth market for Raspberry Pi and this new ‘Made in Japan’ element means that we are now geared up for this growth.”

    Lindsley Ruth, group chief executive at RS’ parent Electrocomponents, added: “We are privileged to be a part of the phenomenal achievement that is Raspberry Pi. It has been a huge hit in many industrial applications as well as in the education sector. RS is a key link in the supply chain for this remarkable success story and that will continue to be the case as added production is implemented in Japan.”

    Graham Pitcher