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    SDK Develops Carbon-Coated Foil-Tape Heat Spreader for Electronics


    It fits to curved surfaces, enhances heat radiability and conserves energy

    TOKYO, Jan 7, 2016 – (JCN Newswire) – Showa Denko K.K. (SDK) (TOKYO: 4004) has developed new types of carbon-coated foil-tape heat spreader to be used to enhance heat radiation efficiency of semiconductors and other electronic parts. SDK adds these new products to its lineup of carbon-coated foil-tape heat spreader, “HS Series,” and will start shipment of their samples in this January.

    In recent years, miniaturization and integration of electronic parts have been progressing, and the amount of heat generated per unit area of electronic device has been increasing. Therefore, the quality of applied heat radiation technology has a great influence on the life and reliability of electronic devices. “HS Series” is a lineup of foil-tape heat spreader for electronic materials and parts, consisting of carbon and metal foil. When a sheet of it is stuck directly on the surface of electronic parts, it efficiently spreads and radiates heat, and suppresses rises in temperature of electronic parts. In April 2015, SDK developed “HS-2000” series, which is a composite of carbon and aluminum foil, and started shipment of its samples. This time, SDK developed “HS-2500,” a composite of carbon and aluminum foil with improved flexibility, and “HS-3000,” a composite of carbon and copper foil with less thickness than conventional copper foil heat-radiating sheet.

    Electronic devices equipped with “HS Series” show 15% less or lower temperature rises than those equipped with conventional copper foil heat-radiating sheet, because HS Series products’ carbon coat layer, which has high heat radiability, boosts heat radiation from the surface of metal foil. HS Series is easy to be punched or bended. Moreover, HS-2500 and HS-3000 have more adaptability to three-dimensional curved surfaces than HS-2000, because HS-2500 and HS-3000 have metal layer with more flexibility or less thickness. Thus, HS-2500 and HS-3000 can be attached to complex surfaces of electronic parts with unevenness and many curves.

    1) HS-2500
    It is a heat-radiating sheet made of aluminum foil coated with carbon. We changed the aluminum layer into softer one than that of HS-2000 in order to improve adhesive strength on curved surfaces. It is suitable for use in electronic devices requiring high heat radiability, because it strongly suppresses rises in temperature of electronic parts.

    2) HS-3000
    It is a heat-radiating sheet made of copper foil coated with carbon. It is suitable for use in small spaces, because it is thinner and has better heat-radiation property than conventional copper foil.

    SDK aims to integrate its original metallic material technology and carbon material technology, both of which built up over many years, improve performances of these products further, and commercialize them as soon as possible.

    SDK will exhibit the latest lineup of “HS Series” carbon-coated foil-tape heat spreader at the “45th INTERNEPCON JAPAN,” a world’s leading surface mount technology (SMT) exhibition gathering equipment, solutions and services for electronics manufacturing, to be held from January 13 to 15, 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight (SDK’s booth: E43-46, East Hall 5).

    Press release: http://www.sdk.co.jp/english/news/15030/14471.html

    About Showa Denko

    Showa Denko K.K. (‘SDK’; TSE: 4004, US: SHWDF) is a major manufacturer and marketer of chemical products serving a wide range of fields ranging from heavy industry to the electronic and computer industries. SDK makes petrochemicals (ethylene, propylene), aluminum products (ingots, rods), electronic equipment (hard disks for computers) and inorganic materials (ceramics, carbons). The company has overseas operations and a joint venture with Netherlands-based Montell and Nippon Petrochemicals to make and market polypropylenes. In March 2001, SDK merged with Showa Denko Aluminum Corporation to strengthen the high-value-added fabricated aluminum products operations, and is today developing next-generation optical communications-use wafers. For more information, please visit www.sdk.co.jp/english/.

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