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    Seika Machinery Presents New Flagship Viscometer from Malcom

    Seika Malcom PCU-285

    Seika Machinery, Inc., a leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, is pleased to introduce Malcom’s new flagship CE certified viscometer as the industry standard for testing solder paste viscosity. The new Malcom PCU-285 Viscometer features an onboard PC with a full LCD touchscreen display. The heating also has been improved for faster and more stable temperature control.

    Viscosity is an important parameter for solder paste, as a paste that is too thick (high viscosity) may lead to a bad print in the form of an insufficient filet. A paste that is too thin (low viscosity) may lead to the filet slumping. In order to test that a paste has the proper thickness for optimal printing, the paste’s viscosity should be checked with an accurate and repeatable viscosity meter.

    Malcom’s unique Spiral Sensor provides continuous measurement of non-newtonian fluids with excellent repeatability. Malcom utilizes a patented double cylinder pump method to ensure proper and successful screen printing.