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    Shreekant Patil, Founder & CEO at Paramount Enterprises Wins Prestigious Award – Excellence Award for Industrial Development – 2018

    Shreekant Patil, Sneha Patil at IEDRA Awards 2018, Delhi (India)

Shreekant Patil, Sneha Patil at IEDRA Awards 2018, Delhi (India)
    Shreekant Patil, Sneha Patil at IEDRA Awards 2018, Delhi (India)

    Dr. Iqbal Singh (Former Lt. Governor of Pondicherry and Mr.Shivraj Patil – former home minister – Govt. Of India) was the Chief Guest for the event who gave away the award certificates and trophies to the title holders in their respective categories held at India Habitat Centre, Delhi on the occasion of 83rd National seminar on Indian Economic development & social responsibilities.

    The award ceremony was held at India Habitat Centre, in Delhi on 24th, October 2018 felicitation by industry leaders from all over India worked extraordinarily in their field.

    IEDRA Award received by Shreekant Patil & Mrs. Sneha Patil, founder at Paramount Enterprises, put views on Indian economic development & social responsibilities, added about company growth, products & achievements for last 15 years.

    About PARENTNashik – Paramount Enterprises: (Resistance welding consumables manufacturer & exporter in India)

    PARENTNashik is registered trademark of Company name PARamount ENTerprises, it’s a combination of first three alphabets and Nashik is geolocation of company.

                                 Inspire creativity, passion, optimism, and fun

    Company PARENT is in the field of resistance welding consumables, spares since 2004, making weldparts in-house like treating a child for esteemed customers. From top management to workforce give 100% along with values, mission.

    Mission – we work hard every day to make customer get excellent quality all the time.

    Our Values – We’re determined to give best efforts to give satisfaction.

    Customer commitment – We, the PARENT, work for a customer, to customer satisfaction

    Quality – We provide an outstanding product which gives premium values to our customer.

    Teamwork – We work together as a family, across boundaries, supports women empowerment, helping customer’s need. What we do, we do well

    Integrity: Be real

    Passion: Committed in heart and mind