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    Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) 10BASE-T1S and100BASE-T1 Devices Transform IIoT at the Edge and in Higher-Speed Applications


    Microchip’s SPE offering reduces cost and complexity of IIoT edge devices while supporting higher-speed Ethernet-everywhere architectures and applications

    SPE technology is setting the stage for all-Ethernet IIoT and industrial Operational Technology (OT) networks that are built with a new class of synchronized low-speed Ethernet edge devices and a simplified cabling infrastructure for latency-sensitive traffic streams. Microchip Technology Inc. today announces new industrial-grade SPE products that will help fulfill SPE’s promise, from 10BASE-T1S MAC-PHYs that more easily connect edge IIoT devices to the cloud, to industrial versions of its 100BASE-T1 Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Ethernet PHY transceivers and switches that enable higher-speed applications across far-reaching Ethernet networks.

    “Microchip is helping to fuel the adoption of zonal architectures in industrial applications with our new MAC-PHYs that connect to many of Microchip’s microcontrollers (MCUs) to reduce the design complexity and implementation costs for bringing a host of sensors, actuators and other products into the new 10BASE-T1S network infrastructure,” said Matthias Kaestner, vice president at Microchip. “With these new 10BASE-T1S MAC-PHYs and industrial versions of our 100BASE-T1 TSN products, we are making it easier to connect the physical world to the cloud while enabling a seamless Ethernet architecture throughout the IIoT and other industrial networks.”

    Microchip’s new LAN8650 and LAN8651 10BASE-T1S MAC-PHY Ethernet Controllers with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) simplify the implementation of zonal architectures by enabling basic MCUs, rather than higher-level MCUs with a Media Access Controller (MAC), to be used when creating sensors, actuators and other devices for the edge of OT and IT networks. These low- speed devices do not need their own communication system, and Microchip’s MAC-PHYs connect them into a standard Ethernet system all the way to the cloud over simple twisted-pair wiring.

    For industrial applications that require higher bandwidth, designers can use MCUs with an integrated Ethernet MAC. Microchip now offers an industrial-grade version of its LAN8770 100BASE-T1 Ethernet PHY Transceiver that provides 100 Mbps transmit and receive capability over a single Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable.

    Microchip’s SPE portfolio is enhanced with industrial-grade versions of its LAN937x and LAN938x Gigabit Ethernet TSN Switches with integrated 100BASE-T1 PHYs. These scalable, secure and compact SPE switches include hardware time-stamping features for supporting IEEE 802.1AS (gPTP) and IEEE 1588v2 (PTP) time synchronization, among other TSN functionality. Energy- efficiency features include ultra-deep-sleep power down with remote wake for battery applications.

    “Microchip’s industrial-grade 100BASE-T1 offerings reduce cost, wiring and installation complexity by enabling a complete SPE network from device to server,” said Charles Forni, vice president of Microchip’s USB and networking business unit. “Our industrial-grade SPE offerings are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions across an expanded temperature range while delivering

    Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) 10BASE-T1S and 100BASE-T1 Devices Transform IIoT at the Edge and in Higher Speed Applications 2  2  2  2 enhanced performance, such as safety, security and extended cable reach, to support industrial applications.”

    Development Tools
    To support the design efforts of these new products a set of network analysis tools and evaluation boards are available including the LAN8651 EVB and EVB-LAN9383. Microchip’s MPLAB ® Harmony v3 provides software support to configure, debug and program designs, while the MPLAB Network Creator provides a quick and intuitive graphical interface for switch configuration.

    Pricing and Availability
    Microchip’s LAN8650 and LAN8651 10BASE-T1S MAC-PHYs and its LAN937x and LAN938x 100BASE-T1 Ethernet Switches and LAN8770 100BASE-T1 Ethernet PHY are available for purchase at Microchip’s Purchasing and Client Services website, www.microchipDIRECT.com.

    For additional information or to purchase, contact a Microchip sales representative or authorized
    worldwide distributor.