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    SIPLACE Material Tower optimizes the flow of materials on the production floor


    141023_ASM_SIPLACE_Material_TowerWith its SIPLACE Material Tower, ASM Assembly System presents its first automated storage system for SMT-specific materials management applications. The climate cabinet, which is available in two sizes, is fully integrated with the SIPLACE Material Manager software. And by interlocking the input and output processes, the SIPLACE Material Manager provides total inventory transparency. The compact storage system is also ideal for kitting areas or for kanban processes directly on the line. It eliminates frequent trips to and from the warehouse and accelerates the setup processes, thus making your production much more flexible. Being located closer to the production line also reduces MSD exposure times, which are automatically recorded and precisely logged.

    The “Large” version of the SIPLACE Material Tower with its dimensions of 1,560 x 1,070 x 2,500 millimeters, holds up to 932 component reels in widths ranging from 8 to 72 millimeters and diameters ranging from 7 to 15 inches. The “Small” version is 1,110 x 1,070 x 2,500 millimeters large and holds up to 612 reels. The SIPLACE Material Tower issues requested component reels in 10 seconds or less. The requests can also be triggered automatically by SIPLACE placement machines or SIPLACE software solutions in the kitting area.

    Local storage next to the line: Supplies within walking distance

    The intermediate storage facility is controlled via the SIPLACE Material Manager software, which optimizes material flows in the SMT production by linking the ERP level with all storage, scheduling and production processes on the shop floor level. As a compact, local storage system that is integrated into the SIPLACE Material Manager, the SIPLACE Material Tower offers completely new storage and setup strategies in SMT production that are much more flexible and efficient than before.

    “Most ERP systems don’t recognize individual component reels and don’t know whether a tape is located in a feeder in the kitting area, on the line or on the way from or to the warehouse. With the SIPLACE Material Manager, we have made the material flow in SMT production completely transparent. This also makes it possible to introduce vastly improved processes. The SIPLACE Material Tower – several of which can alsobe clustered and administered together – is our solution for reducing trips from and to the warehouse with all their administrative overhead,” says Alexander Nitzsche, Software Project Manager on the Placement Solutions team of ASM Assembly Systems GmbH. “As an automatic climate cabinet, the SIPLACE Material Tower also eliminates accounting errors and optimizes the handling of moisture-sensitive devices. Users can now store standard and frequently requested components for high-volume products directly adjacent to the line.”