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    SMTVYS Technology Offers CalcuQuote Supply Chain Solutions in Mexico

    SMTVYS Victor Madero

    CalcuQuote, a supply chain solution provider for the electronics industry, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Victor Madero of SMTVYS Technology in Mexico. The leading professional group offers solutions ranging from industrial equipment, spare parts, technical support, consulting, world-known brands of industrial equipment, automation, peripheral devices, electrostatic and discharge (ESD) solutions.

    With an expansive footprint in Mexico, SMTVYS was born out of the need for support and value for the manufacturing industry back in 2014.

    “CalcuQuote already provides an easy path to digital connection with the Mexican electronics manufacturing supply chain,” said CalcuQuote CEO, Chintan Sutaria. “We are excited to work with Victor Madero and SMTVYS to further grow our presence in Mexico.”

    CalcuQuote works with EMS and OEM companies to solve complex problems with industry- leading solutions. The company optimizes the supply chain process by enabling customers to make more informed decisions, work faster, be more accurate, and ultimately, be more competitive. CalcuQuote’s investment in machine learning is helping to bring clarity to disjointed part numbering across the industry.

    For more information about SMTVYS, contact Victor Madero at [email protected] or visit www.smtvys.com.

    CalcuQuote’s software solutions offer seamless integration with supply chain partners, ERPs and other information systems. To learn more about CalcuQuote, visit www.calcuquote.com.