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    Spirit Electronics expands – becomes an EMS provider


    Spirit Electronics, a company which is mostly know as a microelectronics distributor, announces that it has added a contract manufacturing line at its facility in Phoenix, Arizona.
    The company will now offer circuit board assembly along with franchised distribution, BOM management and component and system level test all under one roof, a press release reads.

    Within their expanded 16,000 square foot Phoenix, Arizona, facility, Spirit Electronics has 5,300 square feet dedicated to board assembly. Spirit invested more than USD 3 million in new semiconductor test equipment, environmental chambers and high-end fluorescent X-ray (XRF) imaging and measurement equipment. The new board assembly services offer the Aerospace and Defense industry the ability to buy individual components and receive a fully assembled and qualified board.

    “We are redefining the meaning of distribution and offering unparalleled supply chain security in our industry with procurement, test and assembly services,” says Marti McCurdy, Spirit Electronics CEO in the press release. “This vertical integration allows us to fill a unique space in the market, taking a product all the way from design, to foundry, to assembly and test, and deliver a qualified product to the customer for military or space applications. Our new capabilities have generated a lot of interest within our business sector.”

    Spirit’s circuit new board assembly capabilities include a proprietary method of robotic re-ball and solder exchange to create leaded solutions; accurate and versatile board assembly that can accurately place an 03015 ultra-tiny chip to the industry’s largest FPGA components onto a customer’s board; SMT/SMD, through-hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies and the ability to trace a part all the way down to the reference designator on the board.

    Source: evertiq.com