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    Stay cool with CML PCBs


    Electronics are designed and built to be sustainable, but where there is light there must be shadow and this shadow is called “heat” in electronics.

    So how can we reduce the thermal stress on components to secure the safety and reliability of electronics?

    In order to prevent the components from overheating, it is necessary to get rid of unwanted heat and cool them down. Thermal management is key for high powered components which generate a lot of heat such as: LED applications, voltage regulators or electronic motor controls.

    One option of thermal management is to assemble a heat sink directly on components to absorb excessive heat. Overall, this procedure would mean additional effort during assembly.

    Alternatively the PCB itself can be a cooling solution, for example by using laminates with high thermal conductivity (1-5 W/mK compared to 0,3 W/mK on standard FR4).
    Therefore CML offers various solutions for your specific requirements:

    thermal management 320x350.jpg
    • Aluminum substrate
    • Copper substrate
    • Flex on Aluminium or Copper
    • Post bonded heatsinks
    • Copper inlay (Inlay-/Coin-Technology)
    • Aluminium nitride inlay
    • Thermal vias / microvias (drilled / lasered)
    • “Heavy” copper

    To find out which solution is the most suitable for your project, get in touch with us today, [email protected]