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    STMicroelectronics to exhibit industry-leading solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy, and IoT & Connectivity at MWC Shanghai 2023

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    STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will exhibit at MWC Shanghai 2023 (Booth N1.D85) on 28-30 June. Featuring more than 30 demonstrations from ST and its ecosystem partners, and 5 insightful presentations, ST will showcase its industry-leading products and solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy, and Internet of Things & Connectivity.

    Smart Mobility: With the continued progress in automotive electrification and digitalization, the car has become a “smart mobility space.” At MWC Shanghai 2023, ST will show a Smart Cockpit model equipped with human-computer interaction screen, in-cabin entertainment system, LED dashboard, head-up display (HUD), and more. Visitors can experience how ST technology makes driving smarter, safer, greener, and more connected by exploring multi-mode interaction, navigation, rich infotainment programs, and the other services enabled by the comprehensive suite of ST automotive products. These include power management ICs, automotive microcontrollers (SPC58), audio amplifiers (HFDA801A), radio tuners, GNSS ICs (STA8100GA), and Inertial Measurement Units (ASM330LHHX).

    Power & Energy: At MWC Shanghai, ST will showcase its advanced technologies for 3 industrial market segments: Power & Energy, Automation, and Motor Control.

    For Power & Energy, ST will demonstrate a 140W smart adaptor equipped with its MASTERGAN and the ST-ONEHP. MASTERGAN is a single package combining ST’s third-generation gallium-nitride (GaN) power transistors with optimized gate drivers. ST-ONEHP is an all-in-one integrated digital controller and it is the world’s first IC certified by USB-IF according to the USB Power Delivery Extended Power Range (USB PD 3.1 EPR) specification. Combining MASTERGAN and ST-ONEHP technologies allows the realization of superior thermal performance and switching efficiency compared to conventional silicon transistors. This smart adaptor can achieve above 94% full load efficiency and above 25W/inch3 power density, which leads to smaller form factors and lower power losses.

    For Automation, ST will showcase a KNX smart home/building automation solution, with which people can easily control their home devices with simple operation on a local panel. These controls include switching on and off lights, adjusting the brightness and color of lights, and controlling a range of home appliances, such as electronic curtains and fans.

    For Motor Control, ST will display a robot-arm solution. Visitors can watch this robot, using ST-based dual BLDC motor control and machine vision to accurately identify and classify objects.

    Internet of Things & Connectivity: ST is committed to augmenting people’s life through continuous innovations. At MWC Shanghai, the Company will demonstrate 2 solutions jointly developed with partners.

    For the first time in China, ST and GoMore will showcase a precise running status-detection and analysis solution based on ST’s advanced sensing system-in-package LSM6DSO16IS and GoMore‘s latest Edge 1.6 algorithm engine. While holding the solution board, a presenter will run on a treadmill, as their motion data is captured, analyzed, transferred, and displayed on a screen. The data will show cadence, step length, ground contact time, ground contact time balance, vertical oscillation, running power, pace, flight time, stance flight time ratio, ground reaction force, running strike type, and the degree of eversion (rotation of the foot).

    The ST LSM6DSO16IS is a single miniaturized package integrating ST’s 3-axis digital accelerometer, a 3-axis digital gyroscope, and ST’s Intelligent Sensor Processing Unit (ISPU), which can execute signal processing and AI algorithms in the edge, enabling always-on low-power features for optimal motion results with a smaller dimension.

    Another demo builds on the OnBoard™ platform created with Snowball Technology. Here, ST will demonstrate an extension of its STPay-Mobile digital-wallet solution to the automotive industry. STPay-Mobile helps mobile-device manufacturers leverage the features of ST’s ST54 secure System-on-Chip (SoC) to handle contactless transactions while protecting sensitive information including private data and authentication credentials. At MWC Shanghai, it will be used as a digital car key with enhanced convenience, security, and functionality.

    To demonstrate its full spectrum of solutions for IoT & Connectivity, ST will also display the TWS solution based on the unique ultra-integrated LSM6DSV16BX IMU combining human senses with the environment for a superior hearing experience; a pair of smart glasses that tracks motion, recognizes gestures, offers BLE connectivity; and the smart-ring wireless-charging solution enabled by ST25DV NFC dynamic tag and ST25R NFC reader.

    ST Open Speech Zone
    In addition to these demonstrations, ST’s presenters will deliver insightful presentations focusing on applications in Automotive, Industrial, and IoT sectors during the show. These include:

    • ST P-BOX Solution Empowers Autonomous Driving
    • 100W Wireless Charging Solution Based on STWBC2-HP and STWLC99
    • STSAFE-A and ST4SIM solution for Authentication and M2M Connection
    • 256-zone dToF Module for Smartphone Camera System Image Enhancement
    • STPay-Mobile Solution for Payment and Digital Car Key

    To learn more about these exciting demonstrations, please visit ST’s booth at MWC Shanghai. You can also view the sneak peek of dozens of exemplary use case solutions on our event page.