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    STMicroelectronics to showcase differentiated sustainable technologies and solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy and IoT & Connectivity at electronica China 2023

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    STMicroelectronics a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, will exhibit at electronica China 2023 (Booth 7.2B136) on11-13 July. Under the theme of “ST creates technology for a sustainable world in a sustainable way”, ST will showcase its sustainable technologies and industry-leading solutions for Smart Mobility, Power & Energy, and Internet of Things & Connectivity.

    Sustainability: At ST, sustainability is part of the Company’s DNA and at the core of its value proposition towards its stakeholders, and towards people, communities, and society at large. At electronica China, ST will display a dedicated “Sustainability Technology Zone” for the first time in China to demonstrate how ST enables customers to boost sustainability and seize opportunities with innovative technologies.

    ST will exhibit an electric vehicle model incorporating multiple demos in this zone. Visitors can experience the greener, smarter, safer, and more connected driving enabled by ST’s breakthrough technologies. For example, X-in-1 Powertrain Domain Controller is a new system that ST will demonstrate at a tradeshow for the first time. This solution integrates five EV power system control components including a traction inverter, a vehicle control unit (VCU), battery management unit (BMU), on-board charger (OBC) and DC/DC converter, which together provide a compact X-in-1 system reducing cost, improving reliability, and optimizing power density. In addition, ST will also showcase its highly integrated 22kW OBC & DC/DC combo demo, which can maximize the potential of SiC/GaN benefits, guarantee efficient power conversion, and deliver performance with superior levels of safety and security.

    In addition to an EV demo, ST will display a charging pile equipped with ST’s best-in-class offering of AC and DC charging-pile systems, powered by disruptive SiC technology. This technology ensures reliable performance and efficiency for electric-vehicle (EV) charging.

    A 30~50kW Photovoltaic (PV) inverter is another exemplary use case of sustainability. By using H-series IGBTs plus H/G series SiC diodes in the booster section, this product helps achieve very high efficiency and reduce component size. More ST innovative technology included in this inverter are its HB/HB2/M series trench gate field-stop IGBTs that help the inverter realize the best performance in an inverter application. It also features 1700V SiC MOSFETs or HV K5 MOSFETs for stability and robustness in auxiliary power supplies.

    As a highlight of ST’s Edge AI solutions, ST is bringing a washing-machine solution running a machine learning algorithm to electronica China. Combining ST’s NanoEdge AI, field-oriented control (FOC) sensorless MCSDK (based on STM32G4), and motor control power technology (based on STGIPQ8C60T-HZ), this washing machine determines the weight of the load with an accuracy of ±100 grams and optimizes energy efficiency and use of water and detergent to save costs, by tailoring the wash cycle and water consumption.

    Visitors to ST’s booth can also deepen their knowledge by dozens of innovative solutions addressing Smart Mobility, Power & Energy, and Internet of Things & Connectivity.

    Smart Mobility: For next-generation auto EE architectures, ST will showcase a new Zonal Control Unit (ZCU) solution. Based on ST’s comprehensive auto-grade products, the ZCU helps simplify the automotive system and Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) update mechanism while optimizing power distribution. Another demo shows in-cabin monitoring using an automotive-grade, 5.1 Mpixel image sensor (VD1940) with global and rolling shutter modes for excellent image resolution and performance.

    Power & Energy: With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing products for factory automation and industrial applications, ST can help build the factories of tomorrow with continuous innovations. At electronica China, visitors can see an upgraded Smart Factory Automation System built around the wide ST product portfolio. In addition to a range of solutions including IO-Link transceivers, STM32 microcontrollers, as well as protection devices, this system includes a radio for sub-1GHz LoRa network based on STM32WL, to enable the uploading of actuator operating status and sensor data to a cloud server, while control commands are converted from the cloud server to the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

    Internet of Things & Connectivity: ST will introduce the world’s first mobile phone/tablet with contactless extended display at electronica China. Enabled by the ST60 millimeter wave connector, users can easily project the screen of their phone or tablet to a display or TV, and achieve the same operating experience as a computer, without carrying a heavy device. ST will also showcase its SensorTile.box PRO, a new ready-to-use programmable wireless box development kit to create any IoT application based on remote data gathering and evaluation.

    In addition to these demonstrations, ST’s presenters will deliver insightful presentations on the topics of “ZCU – Build In-vehicle Network” and “ST Edge AI – Leading a New Era of Embedded AI”.

    To learn more about these exciting demonstrations, please visit ST’s booth at electronica China 2023. You can also view the sneak peek of dozens of exemplary use case solutions on our event page.