STMicroelectronics has expanded its SLLIMM-nano line-up with the addition of five surface-mount intelligent power modules (IPM), giving the choice of IGBT or MOSFET outputs for in-motor or other space-constrained drives from very low power ratings up to 100W.

The new modules deliver high conduction and switching efficiency, especially in hard-switching circuits at frequencies up to 20kHz, according to the company. The integrated gate-driver circuitry is engineered to minimise electromagnetic emissions (EMI) by managing switching voltage and current slopes (dV/dt, di/dt). The thermally efficient package enhances reliability and allows heatsink-free design, while 2.7mm creepage and 2mm clearance ensure safety isolation within the dual-inline SMD footprint. The module pin configuration is optimised to simplify circuit-board layout, according to the company.

ST’s new IPMs can be used in domestic and industrial appliances, including small fans, roller shutters, refrigerator compressors, dishwashers, draining and recirculation pumps, and general low-power motor drives.

Extra features integrated alongside the gate driver and 500V MOSFET or 600V IGBT/freewheel-diode array include an operational amplifier and a comparator that let designers implement advanced current sensing and over-current protection with minimal external components, according to ST. Smart shutdown with high-speed fault detection, interlocking and under-voltage lockout are all built-in, while integrated bootstrap diodes simplify powering the module’s gate-control circuitry.

The new SLLIMM-nano power modules, comprising the STIPNS1M50T-H, STIPNS2M50T-H, STIPNS2M50-H, STGIPNS3H60T-H, and STGIPNS3HD60-H, provide a choice of 1A, 2A or 3A current rating (at 25°C). All are packaged as NSDIP-26L fully-moulded dual-inline surface-mount devices.

Engineering samples are available now and volume production will begin in Q4 2017. Pricing starts at $5 for 1000 pieces of the STIPNS1M50T-H.