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    Taiwan-based Ackuretta releases new Ackuray A135 DLP 3D printer and 8 new resins


    Taiwan-based 3D printer manufacturer Ackuretta Technologies recently introduced its latest product: the Ackuray A135 3D printer. In addition to the new DLP 3D printer, the company has also released eight new engineering-grade resin materials, which can be used for a range of applications, such as jewelry making, dentistry, medical, manufacturing, prototyping, etc.

    The Ackuray A135 3D printer reportedly integrates Ackuretta’s DLP technology while also showcasing a number of new features and settings that are said to increase the 3D printer’s reliability and the quality of its prints. Among the Ackuray A135’s features are a build envelope of 135 x 76 x 200 mm, an X and Y axis resolution of 70 microns, and a Z resolution of up to 1 µm increments. The Z axis is controlled by a closed-loop brushless servo control. The 3D printer is also made from high-grade reliable materials and consists of few moving parts, which make it easy to operate, says the company.

    Ayush Bagla, Managing director of Ackuretta Technologies, commented: “The A135 embodies the innovation and value that Ackuretta has set out to achieve in order to revolutionize the additive manufacturing industry. By incorporating DLP technology in a flexible, high-precision 3D printer, we are set to provide the product manufacturing industry with the speed and accuracy necessary to deploy 3D printing in viable business model.”

    As a press release indicates, the new DLP 3D printer operates using Materalise Visualizer software, an easy-to-use platform that offers users precise control and customization for their print settings. As mentioned, in association with their new 3D printer’s launch, Ackuretta has also unveiled eight new 3D printing resins.


    The range of new materials is quite versatile, as four of the eight are biocompatible, and others include casting and modeling materials. The new offering includes the following:

    • QuraDENT, a photopolymer resin with an opaque, matte finish that has applications in the field of dentistry. Specifically, it is ideal for 3D printing durable dental models. The resin offers high precision details and accuracy, as well as a smooth surface finish and high dimensional stability.
    • QuraGP, an ABS-like resin that offers reliable temperature resistance and high strength. QuraGP is reportedly useful for 3D printing functional prototypes, as it displays low shrinkage, and good chemical and impact resistance.
    • QuraCLEAR, a transparent photopolymer resin which is useful for printing surgical guides, flow models, or prototypes that necessitate internal visualization.
    • QuraWAX, a resin with high wax content that offers makers an ideal material for casting. Ackuretta suggests QuraWAX for makers working with jewelry and dental castings.
    • DETAX Freeprint Mould, a biocompatible and Bisphenol A free “clear light curing resin” that has applications in generative manufacturing of earmolds and hearing protections.
    • DETAL Freeprint Shell, a black biocompatible and Bisphenol A free light curing resin. Used for 3D printing hard ITE shells for hearing aids.
    • DETAX Freeprint Cast 2.0, a green-transparent, light curing resin ideal for 3D printing molds for silicone earmolds. Also, biocompatible and Bisphenol A free.
    • DETAX Freeprint Splint, a clear, Bisphenol A free, light curing resin for making biocompatible drilling templates for occlusal splints.

    The Ackuray A135 3D printer is retailing for $18,900, while the resins range in price from $140 to $550.

    QuraCLEAR and QuraGP

    DETAX resin

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