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    Taiwan’s smart manufacturing shaping the future of the automotive industry


    PETALING JAYA: As the world’s fourth largest exporter of machine tools, Taiwan machine tools makers have the advantages of customisation and integration of its renowned ICT industry to fit the demands for modern automobiles manufacturing.

    Coupled with competitive prices and outstanding products, Taiwan’s smart manufacturing is reputable worldwide.

    To stay competitive, Taiwan Excellence held the Smart Machine Tools for Automotive and Parts Manufacturing online products and solutions launch on Wednesday. Four Taiwanese smart machinery companies Seyi, Jainnher, YDPM and Tongtai showcased their advanced smart manufacturing solutions in a bid to assist global manufacturers in managing industry upgrade and automation.

    Seyi is a servo press manufacturer in the servo press industry in hot forming application and has received orders from large manufacturers of automobile parts from Japan, the US, and Europe. Its straight side eccentric gear servo press (SDE series) complies with the trend and application of steel parts with light weight but high tensile strength in modern automotive industry. Its patented power management system saves more than 30% of power consumption.

    Jainnher is a grinding machine manufacturer, specialising in different grinding machines including centerless grinders, cylindrical grinders and center hole grinders. Its thread grinding machine uses a high precision machinery process, offering a 380mm maximum grinding diameter x 1,000mm between centres. The grinding wheel at 510mm diameter has a 3,500rpm spindle to move manufacturing to a new level.

    YDPM is an expert in precision machinery and has product distribution across five continents. Its horizontal machining centers can be applied to versatile machining components like watchmaking, automotive, motorcycle, electronics and aircraft industries. The design is based on the experience of HMC customer feedback; with CAE finite element, it is lightweight and has high rigidity. All components are QC certified with calibration and machining tests.

    Tongtai is a leading machine manufacturer and a listed company with the highest revenue among Taiwan’s machinery manufacturing groups. Tongtai is focusing on its newest machine models, equipment for additive and hybrid additive-subtractive manufacturing, the Tongtai Intelligence Manufacturing System and Tongtai Line Management solutions enabling operators to easily control production status and improve machining efficiency.

    The Taiwan Excellence Smart Machinery Virtual Pavilion is also being introduced at the conference, which displayed a total of 60 innovative smart machinery products from 50 Taiwan Excellence brands.