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    TANAKA Precious Metals to Exhibit at SEMICON China 2023 International Semiconductor Exhibition to be Held in Shanghai, China

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    Exhibiting panels showing products for semiconductors, such as various types of plating solutions, TK-FS, bonding wires, and precious metal pastes

    TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. which develops the manufacturing business of TANAKA Precious Metals, announced that it will exhibit at SEMICON China 2023, an international semiconductor exhibition to be held in Shanghai, China on June 29 to July 1, 2023. At this exhibition, we will exhibit panels showing precious metal products related to semiconductors—such as various types of plating solutions, bonding wires, and precious metal pastes—for which demand is expected to continue to grow in China’s semiconductor market. We will also be exhibiting for the first time TK-FS, a new alloy for probe pins that was announced in April 2023.

    For plating solutions, which have high demand in China, TANAKA Precious Metals contributes to the manufacturing of compound semiconductors by providing the environmentally friendly non-cyanide gold plating process instead of the cyanide gold plating process. In the past, products imported from Japan were offered in China, but now, the same products can be produced and supplied locally by group company Metalor Technologies (Suzhou) Limited using precious metal materials from China.

    In addition, TK-FS—which is being exhibited for the first time—is a product that allows the same material to be used in a wide range of probe pins for semiconductor test equipment. With the spread of the IoT today, semiconductors are becoming necessary not only in electronic devices but also in a broad range of fields, such as automobiles and home appliances. In particular, the demand for power semiconductors is expected to grow.

    TANAKA Precious Metals engages in business globally as a manufacturer specializing in precious metals and, above all, boasts the world’s highest market shares for bonding wires. In China, TANAKA Precious Metals has earned trust as a precious metal professional group by supplying products of high reliability that were made in Japan.

    TANAKA Precious Metals aims to contribute toward the growth of China’s semiconductor market—which is expected to continue to expand in the future—by continuing the technological development of precious metal materials for semiconductor devices.

    SEMICON China 2023 Exhibition Outline

    Exhibition Title: SEMICON China 2023
    Dates: Thursday, June 29–Saturday, July 1, 2023, 9:00–17:00 *China local time (until 16:00 on July 1)
    Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Suzhou, China)
    Official Sitehttps://www.semiconchina.org/ *Only English and simplified Chinese sites are available
    Exhibitor: TANAKA Kikinzoku International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (A TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. overseas office) and Metalor Technologies (Suzhou) Limited.
    Booth Number: E2152
    Main Products Shown on Panels: Products for semiconductors, such as various types of plating solutions, TK-FS, bonding wires, and precious metal pastes