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    Thai semiconductor firm turns to Malaysia’s Hitachi Sunway

    Thai semiconductor firm turns to Malaysia's Hitachi Sunway
    HANA and Hitachi Sunway in Thailand
    Photo – (From left) Terry Weir, the Executive VP and CFO – MIS & Corporate Affair of HANA; and Billy Lee Kok Chi, Executive Vice President of Hitachi Sunway.

    by AvantiKumar

    Thailand’s HANA Microelectronics Public Co (HANA) has turned to Malaysia’s ICT systems provider Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (Hitachi Sunway) to enhance product lifecycle management.

    Terry Weir, who is the executive VP and CFO – MIS & Corporate Affair of HANA, said the company was looking to eliminate any errors in the documentation aspects of its electronics manufacturing processes as well as to achieve enhanced efficiency while reducing cost and delivery times.

    “Errors in documentation can be a costly affair for a semiconductor manufacturer like us. Each product lifecycle goes through elaborate tests, revisions and confirmations and mistakes not only delay the production but impact delivery of high quality, error free products to our customers,” said Weir.

    He explained that HANA produces a variety of microelectronics, semiconductor, and integrated Circuit ‘IC’ with an employee base of 10,000 in plants located in Thailand, China, USA and Cambodia, covering a total manufacturing space of more than 1,100,000 square feet.

    Weir said Hitachi Sunway will be implementing a document management solution from Siemens Teamcenter for HANA in Thailand.

    “As soon as their team began to analyse the problems we were facing, they identified the right solutions and best practices for us to help resolve these issues,” he added.

    A better picture

    Billy Lee Kok Chi, executive vice president of Hitachi Sunway commented: “With multiple sites and a high product lifecycle turnover, document management can become a complex problem for any company, especially one with the capacity of HANA.”

    “Any mistakes or oversight in the production cycle will be a costly and stressful mistake for the company. This was why we suggested implementing the Teamcenter document and content management solutions specific to HANA’s production needs,” said Lee.

    He explained that HANA will be implementing Teamcenter PDM (Product Data Management) in Customer service, Operations (Process Engineer, Test engineer and production), Material and Production control planner, Quality management (Document control, Auditor, SQE, IQA) and purchasing department.

    “With Teamcenter in place, HANA will be able to track changes and have a visual of the whole product lifecycle from one single point. This helps eliminate any chance for costly errors, while reducing cost and time of production, improving the quality of production and delivery time,” said Lee.

    “The right solution can help manufacturers have a better picture of their production right from concept to the final manufacturing of the product, while reducing cost and delivery time,” he said. “To stay ahead of competition, manufacturers should continue to leverage on solutions that help them perform better in a globalised world.”

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