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    The EMA Pavilion at NEPCON China 2017 focuses on new technologies and directions of the industry

    The EMA Pavilion at NEPCON China 2017 focuses on new technologies and directions of the industry

    Gartner recently released the “2016 new technology maturity curve” and “2016 Internet of Things (IoT) maturity curve, which show that multiple technologies closely related to intelligent manufacturing and industrial big data such as IoT integration, IT/OT integration, predictive analysis and machine learning will simultaneously reach a critical point of maturity in 2-5 years. So, the industrial field is expected to grow rapidly and make breakthroughs in the next 5 years. The trend of intelligence and automation has gradually deepened industrial transformation and subversion. The continuous development of new technologies for electronics manufacturing automation has given birth to new manufacturing and business models.

    During April 25-27, NEPCON China 2017 will be held as planned. The three-day “carnival” of the electronics manufacturing industry will showcase new products and technologies in fields such as surface mount, welding and glue spraying, testing and measurement, electronics manufacturing automation, new electronic materials and automotive electronics. In the new situation, automation technologies and products such as sensors, machine vision, controllers and transmission control have found a lot of successful applications in the electronics manufacturing industry. As a growing number of electronics manufacturing enterprises have paid attention to production cost and efficiency, electronics manufacturing automation is expected to climax in the next 2-3 years.

    Bustling Scene at NEPCON China 2016

    In pursuit of perfect technology, electronics manufacturing automation exhibition area brings together leading companies

    China’s electronics manufacturing industry has grown rapidly in recent years, and with the continuous improvement of electronics technology in the future, the demand for automation in the electronics manufacturing industry will be gradually released and automation will become an inevitable trend of the future development of the industry.

    The EMA exhibition area, a core section of NEPCON China 2017, will showcase the applications of advanced industrial automation technology and system integration technology in electronics manufacturing industry, covering state-of-the-art and most popular technologies and concepts such as robot and motion control equipment, automation equipment / accessories, conveying equipment, tools, assembly equipment and materials. A number of the industry’s well-known manufacturers have enthusiastically registered for participation and will then appear at the exhibition with their latest products and technologies.

    Robo-Technik focuses on the development of automation solutions in the production process in electronics and semiconductors, new energy, food and manufacturing fields and will primarily showcase products including intelligent SMD tower silo + intelligent mobile robots and shielding cover mounting machines at the exhibition. As a professional automation company, Zhixin Technology has vertically-integrated manufacturing capability and has made a breakthrough in the performance, efficiency, flexibility and scalability of its special inserting machine to help enterprises achieve full automatic production. MODULA China focuses on the design, production and sales of industrial automation equipment. Its automatic warehousing system to be showcased at this exhibition vertically lift or lower down cargo carriers to make full use of  interior space of containers, which can store a net stock of up to 60,000 Kg and save 90% space.

    As robots are being widely used in all walks of life, NEPCON China 2017 will also gather a number of leading companies in this field. Sinaen Intelligent Robot’s complete solutions for intelligent factories such as industrial robots, non-standard automation equipment and assembly testing automation equipment have been used in industries such as mobile phone, automotive, and household appliances. Visitors can take a look at the full-automatic labeling equipment, full-automatic ink jet printing equipment and laser radium carving equipment at its booth. SMD Automation has established extensive cooperation with internationally renowned robot manufacturers such as YAMAHA, ABB, YASKAWA and NACHI as well as machine vision components manufacturers such as SENTECH, Moritex, VS and OPT and has also implemented independent R&D activities. At this exhibition, SMD Automation will primarily showcase products and solutions including a RVA robot vision positioning system, a system for lamination detection of mobile phone shell accessories, a CG&LCD appearance testing system, a CNC mobile phone positioning system and a pipeline tracking system.

    At this year’s NEPCON China, system integration exhibitors marks a hot sector of the industry. For example, B&P has developed seven business groups targeted at the development of an industry 4.0 intelligent factory, including MES system, intelligent warehousing, AGV, automation equipment, non-standard automation and visual equipment, robot and testing system, and will demonstrate on the spot its special inserting machines, 3D intelligent visual inspection robots and other products. Among them, its recently-developed special inserting machine achieves a record speed of 0.7s and designs a personalized feed mechanism specific to the materials of each customer. The machine is more practical and has been used by a number of renowned global manufacturing enterprises. HOSTAR’s current technologies are used in fields such as consumer electronics, semiconductors, automotive electronics, medical electronics and LCD/TFT manufacturing. During this exhibition, HOSTAR will showcase multiple integrated applications of professional automatic glue dispensing systems, automatic high-precision mounting systems, automatic nozzle cleaning, detection and access systems and collaborative six-axis robots as well as a whole set of highly-efficient full-automatic production assembly lines.

    The electronics manufacturing automation exhibition area, which has closely followed the industry trends, has always been a hot exhibition area of NEPCON China. In the future, this exhibition area will focus on expanding exhibits in the 3C system integration field and facilitating deep and wide integration of automation and intelligence with the electronics manufacturing industry.

    Closely following the global trend of intelligent manufacturing, SmartFactory 1.0 promotes electronics manufacturing

    The introduction of the “1+X” planning system marks basic completion of the top-level design of “Made in China 2025” and 11 supporting implementation guidelines have been all promulgated and entered the implementation phase.  With the in-depth implementation of “industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025”, and the support of the “Internet +” action plan, the manufacturing industry is developing towards a high-end, intelligent, green and service-oriented industry that achieves comprehensive transformation and upgrading in terms of technology, management and business models.

    As early as in June 2012, the China Science &Technology Automation Alliance strategically put forward for the first time the concept of “China Smart Factory 1.0” with the goal of transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry in the initial stage, which inherited the Germany’s industry 4.0 concept, but had Chinese characteristics.

    For a long time, China lags behind Germany and Japan in manufacturing quality and efficiency. What’s more, the market demand for production has changed. Flexible and smart manufacturing has become a major trend for future development. In combination with the industry trends in recent years and the latest developments in industry and policies, the conference under the theme of “NEPCON and SmartFactory 1.0 – the Future of Electronics Manufacturing”, as a sideline activity with NEPCON China 2017, will be held on the second day of the event (April 26), at Meeting Room No.2 of Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC), where leading experts in the industry will discuss about how the electronics manufacturing sector moves to SmartFactory.

    As the event where the advanced SMT and EMA technologies are on the concentrated display, NEPCON China has always been committed to building an outstanding platform that attracts all world-famous electronics manufacturing brands by closely following up the industry innovation pulse and driving the transformation and upgrading of the industry, leveraging its acute industrial sense and unique innovation concepts, so that more new products, new technologies and new processes in the electronics sector can be displayed on a comprehensive basis, thus effectively promoting the electronics manufacturing development.