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    Toshiba builds memory fab, R&D centre in Japan

    Toshiba builds memory fab, R-D centre in Japan

    Toshiba started constructing a new semiconductor fabrication facility, Fab 6, and a new R&D centre for its memory business at Yokkaichi Operations in Mie prefecture, Japan, the company’s main memory production base. The Memory R&D Center will be built next door to the semiconductor plant.

    Fab 6 will be dedicated to the production of BiCS Flash, Toshiba’s 3D Flash memory1. Like Fab 5, the construction of Fab 6 will take place in two phases, with the completion of Phase 1 scheduled for summer 2018. The Memory R&D Center is adjacent to the new fab and will advance the development of BiCS Flash and new memories. Its completion is scheduled for December 2017.

    In related news, Toshiba and Western Digital opened the New Fab 2 semiconductor fabrication facility located in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture in Japan, in July 2016.