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    Transforming Sales Professionals into Powerhouses: ViTrox’s HITS 4.0 Training Ignites Worldwide Excellence!

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    ViTrox, with aims to empower Sales Channel Partners (SCPs) with the knowledge of the latest vision solutions, and celebrate the immense sales accomplishments for the past few years, hosted their fourth High Impact Training for Sales (HITS 4.0) from 19th to 23rd June 2023 at ViTrox Campus 2.0, Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang.

    This year’s HITS 4.0 marks the first physical in-house sales training organised since the COVID-19 pandemic. With the theme being “Offer Solutions with Accountability, Success with Trust”, the 5-day program received uplifting responses from the participants, including 84 representatives from 25 SCP entities and ViTrox’s oversea Business Development Team, travelling to ViTrox Campus 2.0 from across the world, including USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Türkiye, and South Africa

    The goal of HITS 4.0 is to provide a hands-on experience with the latest technological advancements, allowing participants to witness firsthand the transformative power of innovation. Additionally, HITS 4.0 serves as a platform to explore growth opportunities across various market segments, enabling our partners to tap into new potentials and expand their horizons. By gathering valuable input and advice from our SCPs, ViTrox strives to refine our strategic intent, ensuring that everyone’s direction aligns with the ever-evolving industry landscape. Every participant actively immersed themselves as our speakers focused on sharing the latest advanced product and technologies developments as well as industry knowledge. Simultaneously, product demonstrations were conducted to showcase the various vision solutions launched by different business units in ViTrox. 

    As ViTrox is an avid promoter of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, an enzyme making workshop is conducted to introduce participants to the process of creating enzymes using fruit based substrates. From this activity, participants also learned the art of repurposing fruit skin and other natural compounds to produce useful enzymes while raising awareness on environmental protection and preservation.

    After days of training, HITS 4.0 culminated in a truly unforgettable evening known as “Starlight Appreciation Night.” The night’s highlight was the prestigious award ceremony, honouring the exceptional efforts and invaluable contributions of SCPs. To express our deepest gratitude, the awarded SCPs were presented with a token of appreciation that perfectly symbolised their success – a beautifully crafted award trophy, proudly displaying the SCP company name. This heartfelt gesture not only celebrated their achievements but also served as a cherished memento, forever reminding them of their remarkable contributions to the resounding success of the event.

    Awards Recognition to ViTrox’s Sales Channel Partners:

    Outstanding Service & Support Award:

    • MTSC Solution Sdn Bhd

    Top NPI Sales Award:

    • MK Technology Trading Limited

    Top Sales Revenue (2019-2022) Champion:

    • SMTo Engineering, S.A. de C.V. | ABI
    • Ming Cheng Integration Technology Co., Ltd. | MVST

    Top Sales Revenue (2019-2022) 1st Runner-Up:

    • Suzhou Link Ways Tech Co., Ltd. | ABI
    • NSCB Systems Sdn. Bhd. | MVST

    Longest Partnership Award:

    • Evotest Inc.
    • Ming Cheng Integration Technology Co., Ltd.

    Top New Account Sales (2019-2022):

    • Suzhou Link Ways Tech Co., Ltd.
    • Think-All Technology Co., Ltd.

    New Rising Star:

    • Ostec Group
    • Think-All Technology Co., Ltd.
    • Xi’an Ceshi Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd
    • ABX International Technology Limited

    IACTG Award:

    • MicroVision Technologies SRL

    HITS 4.0 concluded with an impactful team-building activity to solidify the bond between ViTroxians and SCPs. The activity was a thrilling paintball competition that united teams from all participants, resulting in an unforgettable shared experience. The atmosphere was charged with laughter, excitement, and a spirit of healthy competition as everyone wholeheartedly engaged in the matches, showcasing their collaboration and enthusiasm. The event undeniably achieved resounding success, creating cherished memories in the hearts of all involved. Its profound impact not only deepened the connections between ViTroxians and SCPs but also exemplified the remarkable sense of togetherness and camaraderie that defines the extraordinary ViTrox community.

    “Together with ‘One Vision, One Voice, One Team’, let us embark on this journey of growth and innovation, embodying our purpose, vision, and values. I have every confidence that we will achieve remarkable success as we navigate the exciting future that awaits us,” proclaimed Mr Chu Jen Weng, the President and CEO of ViTrox, during the opening ceremony of HITS 4.0 on 19th June 2023.