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    TRI expresses support for the IPC-CFX standard


    Test Research, Inc. (TRI), the leading test and inspection systems provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, participated in the launching ceremony of the EMS industry leaders to promote smart manufacturing and international standardization through the IPC-CFX-2591 standard. The ceremony was celebrated on September 27 2022, at the GIS MOTC Convention Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

    Over 13 distinguished industry leaders participated in the ceremony; Jim Lin, Vice President of Test Research, Inc., attended the ceremony and expressed, “TRI is committed to supporting the digitalization of manufacturing through international standards. We have supported IPC-CFX since its beginning, and TRI is to this day the company with most IPC-CFX compliant machines, which includes SPI, AOI, AXI, and ICT”.

    As an IPC CFX supporter, TRI is pursuing innovative cooperation with other vendors to revolutionize how
    Industry 4.0 SMT solutions communicate with one another. From closed-loop solutions, metrology-based
    inspection, and M2M communication protocols, TRI is committed to developing robust and flexible inspection solutions to meet current and future production line requirements.