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    TRI releases Next-level Conformal Coating Inspection


    TaiwanTest Research, Inc. (TRI) has unveiled its latest innovation in Conformal Coating Inspection, the TR7700 SIII Ultra CI. Equipped with advanced optical design, specialized multi-phase lighting, and intelligent inspection algorithms, this cutting-edge AOI can detect coating issues with unprecedented accuracy, measure coating thickness, and inspect dispensed flux and glue.

    The TR7700 SIII Ultra CI AOI can precisely measure coating thickness from critical areas on the PCB, detecting unwanted coating spills near PCB connectors, sensitive components, and designated mounting holes. The CI software can identify common coating issues, including cracks, bubbles/voids, insufficient/excess coating, and loss of adhesion, with innovative algorithms calculating the maximum/minimum coating coverage length and measuring coating length, splash, or insufficient coating. The coating thickness measurement range is from 35 μm to 750 μm.

    The Smart CI AOI allows for the creation of coating maps from CAD data for rapid deployment. The smart programming also extends to learning and tuning the coating programming for an accurate inspection.

    Upgrade your conformal coating inspection with TRI’s latest technology. For more information about the TR7700 SIII Ultra CI, please visit the link below, https://www.tri.com.tw/en/product/product_detail-60-2-1689-1.html.

    TRI’s PCBA Test and Inspection solutions and Industry 4.0 data-driven management system, YMS 4.0, can help manufacturers realize their production line’s full potential. These systems are designed to interoperate with other manufacturing equipment, minimize downtime, optimize production quality, and reduce operator workload.