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    Unveiling Our New V95i To Reimagine Advanced Robotic Vision!


    ViTrox, which aims to be the world’s most trusted technology company for the semiconductor and electronic packaging industries, is excited to announce our upcoming solution offering that will further ensure the quality assurance of your products!

    At ViTrox, we aim to meet the ever-changing market demands of equipping lean production.
    Hence, we are introducing a compassionate innovation, the V95i Advanced Robotic Vision
    (ARV) Solution Rotator, that will greatly enhance the inspection efficiency of our award-winning
    product, V9i ARV to improve production efficiency. The V95i is designed to fulfill final assembly
    inspection requirements in box build and PCBA products, by being an additional hardware
    option to V9i ARV. The V95i enables auto-conversion between inspections of PCBAs and Box
    Builds within a system. The rotator in V95i enables 5-sided inspection for both complete or
    in-process box build assemblies, hence increasing the coverage of inspection as it helps ARV to
    reach the areas beyond the limitations of the robotic arm – which in turn further ensures product

    ViTrox V95i Rotator is fully integrated with the V9i ARV system, so our valued customers can be assured that this solution has been designed to provide ease of use to the users! Our V9i ARV’s groundbreaking technologies began with the patented all-in-one lighting design, which includes motorized vari-angle UV and RGBW lighting for conformal coating inspection and final inspection. The V9i ARV is attached to a 6-axis collaborative robot (COBOT), allowing for multi-angle inspection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) up to 510mm x 510mm in size. Moreover, the V9i has been designed with an advanced CAD-less smart learning capability that uses both machine learning and rule-based algorithms, allowing for quick recipe setup and comprehensive inspection coverage that includes foreign object detection as well as cosmetic defects on PCB surfaces. With that being said, the V9i could be three times faster than manual inspection in a relatively complex Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).

    Interested in experiencing the exciting features of V95i by integrating with V9i Advance Robotic
    Vision? Feel free to reach out to us via [email protected]. Stay tuned to find out more!